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Archive for October 2nd, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In our examination of public life in the drama unit, we have looked at how writing may manifest the self (or not), beginning with our framing texts (see syllabus). As seen in these texts, human sentiment is sometimes hard to capture in words, hard to control, and actions can often substitute words to express emotion. […]

Police Brutality

500-750 wordsFormat: MLA Point of view: Third Person Assess the website based on the following criteria:The credibility of the authorThe intended audienceThe sponsor of the siteThe purpose of the Web sitePossible bias of the siteThe credibility of the information on the siteThe use of sourcesThe writing style of the siteThe date of publication on the […]


specific area(s) of your major you are interested in and why-Skill set needed to fulfill this job(s)-How do your own strengths/weaknesses match up with the skill set above?-Experience needed-Education needed-Salary range-Current job market (i.e. current demand for that job or related job)-And anything else you find relevant. PLEASE Write it in APA format with sources.

Reconstruction Plans

https://cccconfer.zoom.us/rec/share/azBnZB07QhuIg8zPomRJFUqj3YXcMsOi4ngdqxTQugNYof64lDCPxbtsSq02Tt_U.0zbDCoaX-W62cwOb Do NOT use outside sources in your course assignments. Your brain, the book, lectures, and videos are enough information to write these essays. If you use outside sources in your essays, points will be deducted. What to cover in your essays        1. Causes        2. Short-term Consequences        3. Long-term Consequences    4. Important […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

CRIJ 5340Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice ManagementTerm Paper Select a topic of your choice related to the management of criminal justice professionals and write a 5-6-page research paper. The paper should be double-spaced, 12 points and Times New Roman in font. Your research paper should include the following: 1.    An introduction (1-2 paragraphs)2.    Research question: […]

Teaching and Behaviorism

Write a three page (double spaced) essay based on the following question: – Identify ONE common classroom issue (e.g., lack of motivation, inattention, various behavioral problems).  Then describe two specific plans of action to address it, one based on classical conditioning and one based on operant conditioning.  Be sure to use specific references to the […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Step 1: Revise your Research Topic: (attached last post) Now that you have submitted a preliminary research topic and received feedback from your peers in the Identifying a Research Topic discussion board, you should submit a revised research topic. This research topic should be revised according to the peer feedback you received. Your revised research […]

Field Experience A: Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher Interviews

Be creative.  The school setting is Pre-K Montessori school. In-person or via phone, interview a certified special education teacher and a general education teacher specific to a grade range relevant to your program of study. Your interview notes will be submitted as part of the assignment deliverable. In the interviews, address the following: Describe your […]

Philosophy – Should Socrates have escaped from prison

Introduction to PhilosophyThe topic of the paper is Should Socrates have escaped from prison?    This should be 3-5 pages long, and you should offer an argument.  Your paper will be judged on the argument you give, not on the position you take. This paper can be used as a basis for a longer paper […]

Rogerian Argumentative Essay

Essay 2 (additional comment for writer: I am on the republican view side of things) Rogerian argument 1500 words due via online submission through Blackboard, by midnight on Friday, 2 October by 11:59pm.  MLA format for heading page numbering font size and style margins Works Cited page Works cited word count does not count toward […]

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