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Archive for October 5th, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Describe an example of how you as a professional nurse have used ethical theories or ethical principles in a clinical practice setting – You should research your answer and cite at least ONE scholarly source when appropriate, and always use quality writing. **I have attached chapters of the two books we are currently using now […]


A cousin has won a scholarship to a prestigious industrial design college. The scholarship includes a grant for the purchase of a computer and your cousin has asked you for advice. What sort of computer would an industrial student require? Be specific: desktop or laptop? What sort of processor? How much RAM? On what are […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For this activity, you should first read Articulate a Question Your Research Will Answer on pages 370-372 in Chapter 17 of your textbook. Our goal here is to move from a topic to a more specific research question. Using this section of the textbook to guide your response, draft a tentative research question for your […]

a Company’s Resources & A Company Communitcating

please respond to both questions below using the reading or material required: 1)What are the key elements of your companys value chain? Refer to Figure 4.1 in developing your answer. (Use the organization you have been using over the past few weeks in discussion) Organizartion: Facebook Reading: Chapter 4: Evaluating a Company’s Resources, Capabilities, and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Describe a misunderstanding that occurred because you or the person you were interacting with failed to use clear, unambiguous language. Explain how the miscommunication transpired. In your explanation, integrate terminology from the Principles of Communication and the Communication Model introduced in Chapter 1.  How and when did you two figure out that you were assigning […]

Fourth Crusade

Describe how the art or text of the fourth crusade has played a role in creating the forces, values, cultures, ideas, and/or intellectual environment of the contemporary world. Begin your essay with a brilliant exciting and engaging introduction in which you lead up to the topic and engage the audience with your topic and why […]

Impact, Cost, statistics of Incivilty in health care

Hi there, This is a powerpoint slides maybe 4-5 slides… I will be presenting this…so I need topics in bullets then give me an explanation for that topic. I have attached a sample of powerpoint, you can use it for references. My topic is mostly impact, cost , statistics of incivility in healthcare, you can […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Find a current event article that is interesting to you and relates to the chapter. A current event needs to have taken place no more than 3 weeks prior to submission. Make sure to include the article information in your submission. Answer the questions as concise and informative short answer/paragraph form as possible. Find and […]

Terry v Ohio case brief

Write a one page brief for Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968). Case is attached. The basic elements of a simple case brief are as follows:1. case file2. citation3. year decided4. facts5. issue or issues6. court decision7. holding8. case significance

Central Mother’s Program

For this project, students will develop a plan to evaluate both the group and individual program components of the Central Mothers Program. Students should develop a mission statement for the program and identify the goals and objectives of the program.  Students should select the most feasible research design to evaluate the effectiveness of the group […]

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