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Archive for October 9th, 2020


On page 144 In the Ostrom et al. (2015) article, the authors mention 6 key challenges and opportunities, that service scholars should handle to move forward in service research (see Advancing the Service Field: Challenges and Oppprtunities). Discuss at least two challenges and commensurate opportunities that you feel should be immediately tackled in any area […]


The term paper is an analytical argumentative paper in which you discuss a topic ortheme from one of the texts on our syllabus. This paper must be at least six full pages long. Makesure you cite extensively from the primary text and that you explain your quotes, that you give areading of them. Incorporate quotations […]

Questions & Answers

Each of the 4 questions (or group of questions) addresses a theme in the readings for this lecture.  Please write a paragraph or two on each of the themes.  You dont have to address every little question I raise or point I bring up.  I want to see your thoughts, opinions, and responses to the […]

Technical writing

Describe an example of technical writing that you have recently written or encountered at work, home, or school. Describe the characteristics that identify it as technical writing.Using the example that you identified from regard to its target audience, the purpose of the writing, and the resources overall tone.Comment on the degree to which the resource […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Your team will be submitting a fully articulated Code of Conduct (you are encouraged to locate examples of Codes of Conduct, in addition to other research necessary to complete this task.)  Your team will also be required to write a one-page rationale, at the beginning of the paper, explaining what components you decided to include, […]

mired opening

Please watch the attached scene carefully. I suggest you watch it at least twice. Pick one shot from the scene. Tell me which shot number it is in the scene. Then describe in as much detail as possible the mise-en-scene and cinematography for that shot (in point form is fine). Finally, tell me why this […]

Abnormal Psych

Andrew is a 5 year old boy who was referred to the school psychologist by his teacher. According to Andrews teacher, Andrew is significantly behind the other kindergarten students in his verbal abilities. His teacher reports that when she tries to engage him in discussion, he makes no attempt to listen to her or to […]

Personality Disorders

Pedro is a  20 year old male who was referred for counseling by his concerned mother. Pedro’s mother accompanied him to his first sesion to explain some of her concerns. According to his mother, Pedro is very withdrawn and rarely spends time with other people. She had hoped that beginning college would have been a […]

Abnormal Psych

Jacob is a 16 year old high school student who was referred to the school counselor due to repeated behavioral problems at school. Jacob has a reputation among the employees at his high school for being “trouble”.  Jacob frequently gets into conflicts with his teachers, often resulting in school suspensions. He has been kicked off […]

RAP 4: Civilization and Its Discontents

Reading Analysis Papers (RAP): Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud RAPs are to be composed of two parts in general (creativeness is encouraged.): A) A summary of the assigned readings/textbooks, their storylines, themes, thesis or arguments, etc; B) Your critique, critical analysis, opinions, and connections with the class themes, articulation of your own experience […]

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