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Archive for October 10th, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Regional wildlife protection find UAE related information from different sources or visits to the related above subject. If the information is being taken from an internet site then it is important to rephrase that information in your own words. The exact date of presentation will be communicated later. Introduction and conclusive should be there and […]

Geography and Governments

Select one essay from the choices below. Remember, don’t just summarize or report, discuss and analyze! How we understand history doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Even if the basic facts are not in question, how we come to understand what the facts mean is very much a matter of our own socially and culturally situated […]

Outbreaks of foodborne illnesses

Visit the CDC’s Foodborne Outbreaks page  (Links to an external site.)using this link.Select one of the Recent Outbreak Investigations related to food consumption.In your Blog, include the following: What organism caused the outbreak? What happened? What food was contaminated?How was the food contaminated?If this information is included in the report, share how the source of […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

William Westley Answer the following questions:Some occupations develop their own code of ethics. When any occupation develops a code of ethics it is a hint that people in that occupation do things which other people may regard as immoral. There are military codes and even separate military justice systems because people in the military kill […]

Who Killed Peggy Hettrick?

Read the following library article:Susan, S. (n.d). For December 24, 2011, CBS. 48 Hours (CBS News). (attached)Review the details of the Peggy Hettrick case (1999).For this weeks assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation describing in detail the roles of the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense counsel in the case of Peggy Hettrick.Create a […]

Oryx and Crake

About the project(s) on genetic recoding of the pigoons and other animals: They have affected the environment and the ecology. Discuss all the ethical violations that have occurred. Give your opinions on how those ethical violations could have been avoided by observing different practices.

IS Security Policy Analysis, Unit VI Research Paper

InstructionsNIST has created a project called the NICE Challenge Project (https://nice-challenge.com/) with the goal of developing virtual challenges and environments to test students and professionals alike on their ability to perform NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework tasks and exhibit their knowledge, skills, and abilities.The NICE Challenge Project has dozens of unique challenges available for students and […]


Throughout this course, we are going to build a proposal that is intended to increase motivation within your company. Several topics will be analyzed in preparing this proposal to ensure that it will be successful upon implementation. Topics that will be addressed include company culture, motivation, economics, managerial accounting, decision making, and risk management. We […]


Occupation: Truck Driver During the first week of class, you have read about the importance of culture within the company.  This involves both understanding the diverse cultures within our company as well as creating a positive corporate culture within the company itself.  Using the terms from this week’s reading, please explain how this relates to […]

Free and Trade Issue

Option 1: Find a recent article (less than one month old) from a reputable news source concerning a Free and Fair Trade issue between at least two countries.     Summarize the article.    What is the issue?    Explain why this issue is important to the global community.    Evaluate the source.    What […]

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