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Archive for October 18th, 2020

Human Resource Selection

Why does a structured interview yield better results than an unstructured interview for makingselection decisions? APA 7th FormatMust incorporate and cite the required readingMust incorporate and cite at least 2 other sources (journal articles not books) andthe required reading I have attached the Textbook Chapter 10 talks about structured interviews

learning and memory

PSY-201: Final Paper Assignment For our Final Paper Assignment, you will need to write about at least one major theory of development, one major theory of learning, and one major theory of motivation (there is a list of potential options on the next page).  In addition to an introduction and conclusion, your paper should contain […]


please answer the following questions (one paraghraph for each)1. What do you see as the major changes occurring in the Communications Infrastructure in the next 10 years What are some of the key potentials for business models, i.e., the way we do business, as a result of these changes?2.What do you see as the major […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For your assignment this week, you will complete an additional step on your selected topic for the final project. This week you will gather another five scholarly sources that relate to the behavioral aspects of your topic. Please note that the topic you selected will determine what questions you will address from the two options […]

Personality Characteristics Inventory (PCI)

Provide the following information about the selection instrument you choose:(Personality Characteristics Inventory) Name of the instrument (and citation if appropriate) What is it designed to measure Validity and/or reliability statistics Costs of use How the instrument can be obtained At least 3 job titles for which the instrument would be a good fit for selectionPlease […]

Finding water on other planets

write about how some of the information can be used to  find water on other planets. What type of telescopes and what forms of light are being used? What are the key pieces of information they are looking form (the signature clues that water is present)? break down the paper into these following parts: -An […]

Social Learning Theory

It is important that you adhere to APA guidelines (this cannot be stressed enough). These assignments will be graded not only on content and application, but also on grammar, structure, and plagiarism. Papers should be typed, LIMITED to 5 PAGES (not including a title page and bibliography), double-spaced, and use a 12 pt. Times New […]

GRIT by Angela Duckworth, Chapters 7 & 8 only whilst answering critical thinking question

“In about 4 pages, explain what the chapters were about, what happened, and why it was important.  The goal is not to analyze or talk about how you feel about it–just summarize it.  Shoot for a sentence of yours for every paragraph of the original.  USE YOUR OWN WORDS. Refer to the Writing Summaries assignment […]

Any topic ( choices)

You are doing research on Paranoid Corp (PC).PC is a young, start up company.  Currently, PCs cost of goods sold is 95% of their sales (so they have a 5% gross margin). PC is expected to grow rapidly and they will not need a lot of capital investment to fuel that growth.  Given their low […]


Submit each case you will be using for your project, along with a summary of the case. The summary, at a minimum, must include the issue, the holding, and the lesson learned from each specific case. Global impact should also be included. For example, if you are recruiting internationally, what potential legal issues does your […]

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