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Archive for November, 2020

The developing Nation of China

The world is a global marketplace and will continue to evolve into a more dynamic fast-paced global economy as nations continue to develop. The goal of the application paper is to choose a developing nation and detail how this nation is and/or will contribute to world trade. For example, developing nations such as China, India, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

ScenarioThe preceptor wants to encourage senior nursing students to learn more about how public health nurse professionals collaborate with community-based resource partners. As a senior nursing student, you are asked to interview a public health nurse professional working in a community clinic, the health department, or a program that specifically deals with vulnerable populations. You […]

Pediatric Symptom Checklist-17

This 10-page assignment will be completed in APA style format. Please include a title, abstract, and reference pages and use at least 4 references.     Briefly describe the selected counseling setting, types of services provided, and the demographic characteristics of the clientele served.    Describe the types of testing you will use in your selected setting […]


Reply to two discussion posts (See attached for posts) Be 100% polite and respectful.Guidelines for writing replies: Try your best to engage with the student using one or more of the following strategies: 1. Summarize what you think the student has articulated. 2. Share when/where you are in agreement with the stated answers. 3. Share […]

global health interview

Efforts to promote global health require interprofessional, intersectortal, and international collaboration. As you prepare for this module’s Collaboration Caf, select an interprofessional, intersectoral, or international colleague to interview. Ask your interviewee:    How is global health viewed within your profession?    Within your professional practice or global region, what global health concerns are of highest priority? What […]

Howell Case – Legacy Appeal

In Powerpoint Chapter 7, you read a case about the Howell family.  How would you approach the Howell family to obtain a Legacy gift for your agency? In a short paper, no more than one page, briefly describe how you would prepare for the meeting with the Howells and what approach you would use to […]


Interview Guidelines: What do you want to know about this field/position?Suggestions:What is a typical day for you (If you are short on time, skip this one.)What is your favorite thing about your job?What is the most challenging thing about your job?Why did you choose this field? Please hand in a reflection on your interview with […]

Rome and romanization

This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice determining the purpose and function of artifacts in order to create your interpretation of a specific historical development-Romanization. Discuss the impact of the process of Romanization on the Roman world. Identify at least two examples of cultural structures that were patterned across Roman-conquered cities. Cultural structures can […]

Systems Challenge: ER Avoidable Use

Investigate the issue of ER avoidable use as it portrays misuse of healthcare resources.  Create a 10 12 slide PowerPoint Presentation. Use a minimum of 4 current scholarly sources to support your work.  See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the presentation:    Provide an introduction to the presentation    Present an overview […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Format: Answer to take-home test question should be a short essay (800-1000 words) Your answer should use full sentences, be well-organized and clearly written The essay should demonstrate good grasp of the main concepts in policy analysis. Be sure to give definitions of key terms in your own words. Your essay should be uploaded to […]

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