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Archive for November 4th, 2020


For this assignment, choose a current or former supervisor or subordinate and think carefully about how the concepts from the Johari Window and Transactional Analysis applies to this current or previous supervisor/subordinate relationship. Think carefully about the flow of information and communication between the two of you, and also times when either of you behaved […]

Case Study

42-year-old man presents to ED with 2-day history of dysuria, low back pain, inability to fully empty his bladder, severe perineal pain along with fevers and chills. He says the pain is worse when he stands up and is somewhat relieved when he lies down. Vital signs T 104.0 F, pulse 138, respirations 24. PaO2 […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1Possible formats include a written paper (600 words), a visual image(s), or a short video ( 3 mins. max). The goal is to bring something new to a topic covered in this course not to simply restate or summarize a topic.  A simple way to do a project is to take an idea from the […]


The second section (40% of the paper) will be related to your journal task. Over the course of the semester, your task with the journal is to record a minimum of 5 things for which you personally are grateful each day of the work week (Monday through Friday). Please use a fresh page for each […]

Human Development/ Short-Essay Questions

Instructions: Complete the following short essay questions. Documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines. Use the textbook: Belsky, J. (2018). Experiencing the lifespan (5th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishers. ISBN-13: 9781319208912,  and additional resources to complete the assignment and to support responses. Outside research may be necessary to answer questions adequately. […]


Instructions from the teacher. Please do not use any references. All information has to be from the reading only or we fail. I am asking you to read the introduction and the no-argument for this topic on terrorism & national security only. If you decide to take this topic on for one of your reaction […]


A Heros Journey Evaluation and Analysis Assignment. After reading about and having watched the movie “Jason and the Argonauts” or “Hercules” evaluate and analyze how the items under the 3 categories (Departure, Initiation, Return) pertain to the hero. Not all of the items under each category will apply to the hero. Pick the items that […]

Transferring Innovation across National Boundaries Case Study 2

Read the attached case discussions for Chapter 4 and prepare a summary of the case and then dicusss the case with providing answers to the three case study questions. Support answers with supplemental sources from scholarly journal publications from the last 5 yrs. Cite all sources. Include the following headings: Introduction, Case Study Discussion and […]

Childhood development

Childhood Development Article Summary Select an article that discusses a topic relevant to childhood development. This article can focus on a physical, cognitive, or socioemotional aspect of childhood development. You can explore topics in the textbook if you are having trouble determining a topic. In 500-750 words, do the following: Summarize the major tenets of […]


Expectant Parent Newsletter Imagine that you work for a family health organization. You have been asked to create a newsletter to hand out to expecting parents. The newsletter should consist of 500-750 words that will inform parents of issues related to prenatal development and infancy. In the newsletter, include the following: List critical periods of […]

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