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Archive for November 11th, 2020


One of the most pressing early signs of division in this country was in the economic differences between the north and south. the Market Economy in North followed its European counterparts and Industrialized, while the South stayed agrarian and continued to profit from its large scale plantations.  This unit explores the economic development of the […]

Video Discussion: Faith & the Public Square

First, watch the 1-hour documentary video, Soul of a Nation (Links to an external site.), in its entirety. (This is the fifth of 6 episodes in the PBS Frontline series, God in America (Links to an external site.).) Second, post your carefully considered response to the following prompt in a paragraph of at least 6  […]

Dramatic Literature class- Othello and Medea essay- EASY!!

Hello, This is rather simple. Please follow the directions below. The professor is a easy grader. It does not need to be too complex. Can be 1-2 pages depending on the amount of paragraphs for the answer of the question. **** SCRIPTS ARE ATTACHED, ONLY GO BY THE SCRIPTS***** Choose ONE question to answer from […]

Getting religion right in the public schools

Read and review the article titled, “Getting Religion Right in the Public Schools.” by Charles Haynes. Read the attached article titled, “Getting Religion Right in the Public Schools” by Charles Haynes. Write a summary of the article. Identify your position on the issue, whether or not you agree with the article and/or discuss how the […]

HCA 240

Variance Analysis You are the manager of a hospital department that cares for patients, and you just received your monthly budget results that state your salaries were higher and your supply use was lower than budgeted. Write a paper (1,000-1,200 words) that explains the following points: Include what factors you should consider when writing your […]

Relationships Essay

You will submit a paper analyzing the process and content of either one or two relationships in your life, using as many terms and concepts from the text and lecture notes as you can. If you write about two relationships, you will need to compare and contrast the experience you had with each person. The […]

Lactose Intolerance

Your outline must be submitted in a formal outline format as shown below.  The outline should demonstrate enough detail to make it clear that you have considered the organization of your presentation, including the research required for your topic, and the planned sections for your research paper. At the end of your outline, please provide […]

unethical research

Complete the ethics training and do the following: Looking at one of the articles you used in your literature review, address the following:Which areas of ethics might have been of concern?Describe what they did to be ethical researchers.Explain what risks might their participants have faced.Your study:Which areas of ethics might be of concern for your […]

Radiologic Technology

Answer the following questions in a personal essay. 1. Why you want to change to a career in healthcare – (laid off from social media marketing job in March 2020) 2. What interests you about working in Diagnostic Imaging as a career (come up with three different creative reasons) 3. Where do you see the […]

Looking Backward

Imagine that we are in the future: the year is 2070. Around the world, much attention is focused on the 50 years since the pandemic of 2020. It is also the year you have decided to retire. An architecture student has contacted you as part of their professional practice class to ask you to reflect […]

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