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Archive for November 12th, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)

MINI ESSAY- turn in a typed, MLA, double-spaced rhetorical analysis of a text of your choice. It should have a thesis, and generally follow the guidelines of rhetorical analysis. Rhetorical analysis explains the techniques that writers use to persuade their audience and write an effective essay.  The length is 750-1,000 words. Credit will depend on […]

Corporate governance and accountability

Read carefully the Assignent requirement file, analyze the black swan event and create a an opinion that covid is not a blackswan,analyze a company of your choise that was affected by covid, you can choose what you like,and create a risk management plan as the one in CRH example. read the article related to risk […]


Read Chapter 11 in Planning Implementing & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs: a primer2. Refer back to the program you wrote a rationale for earlier this semester. 3. Describe your product or service (tangible item of service).  What is the “price” for the consumer? “Describe the “place

Describe the size and scope of the health care industry and present evidence that supports your description

Research and provide an abstract of a written study, commentary, news story etc. (article) showing a date published within the past 18 months. Ensure the article addresses the learning outcomes listed below.Abstract should not be more than two double spaced typed pages and address how the chosen article provides information specific to the following learning […]

International Business

Your company appears to be taking unfair advantage of the working conditions in an overseas subsidiary in which you work. At the same time, however, your company is providing much-sought-after employment in this developing region[HCM1] . Your conscience is bothered. What should you do? What rights and obligations does your company have in such a […]

Leadership Essay

Your essay will address these questions: A. What leadership model, style, or theory best describes you as a leader? Why? Give examples using the terms and concepts in your textbook. 1) Skills Approach 2) Situational Approach 3) Behavioral Approach 4) Trait Approach 5) Path-Goal Approach B. What are your most distinguishing leadership traits? What traits […]

Prenatal care access and pregnancy related complications and mortality.

I have a research proposal paper that is based around a PICOT question. the PICOT quesstion is: In pregnant women, (P) does receiving access to prenatal education (I) compared to not receiving prenatal education entirely (C ) increase the risk of pregnancy related complications and mortality (O)? This is a group assignment. I will attach […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please read the attached article and answer the following questions. *Summarizes the research studys purpose.*Describes the relevance of the publication dates of the citations referenced for the research study.*Identifies the type of claim the research study makes and explains response.*Describes the research method used in the research study.*Describes the research studys data collection method.*Describes the […]

Putting It All Together…. Again

What is the state of relations between the police and minority communities? What would you recommend as an applied sociologist to address the issues? Notes: Our topic for this section is Crime. And if you think about it, crime has been a from the earliest days of the discipline, crime has been a topic that’s […]

Write a suitable title

In this discussion, you are THE CHANGE AGENT. Please advice CHAIRMAN CAO of FUYAO GLASS COMPANY of your recommendations for the company. In particular give consultation to the issues that are pressing for the company. Examples of pressing issues are 1. productivity ( losing money ) 2. unionization ( division among workers ) or any […]

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