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Archive for November 13th, 2020

Social Entrepreneurship

On the topic you choose you are required to research and present how that topic is/has been addressed by entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial firms. Your presentation must be framed in terms of the documented source material. You are expected to define the topic, highlight the history or background of the key issues and challenges surrounding the […]

Life Science: Reproduction and Heredity

Performance Assessment- Students demonstrate their abilities in a multitude of ways. Some will demonstrate mastery on written assessments while others will shine during projects, presentations, or artistic expression. How can students prove their mastery of your chosen standard in an alternative form? Create a performance assessment for your students. This will consist of three (3) […]

Skills Analysis with Media Component

Skills Analysis with Media ComponentOverviewThis assignment consists of two sections: a skill analysis paper and a media presentation. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for. Section 1: Media PresentationCreate a 15-minute media or […]

strengths based reflection

Reflective Journal: Strengths-Based ReflectionOverviewIn this journal, you will reflect on your perceived strengths that relate to your portfolio theme. RequirementsIn 12 pages (excluding attached artifacts), complete the following: Identify and describe at least three main strengths in relation to the theme of your portfolio.Analyze how you have developed these strengths throughout your coursework in the […]

Gun control

Focus FreewritingQuestions to consider:Why did you pick your topic?How do you feel about the issue?How does your topic affect society?I need to talk in favor of gun control and the references need to be specific and right.

design and analysis

Reflective Journal: Design and AnalysisOverviewDuring your course of study in the M.Ed. program you have examined the importance of designing content that is aligned with organizational standards and organizational structure. In this journal, you will reflect on these Master’s of Education program learning outcomes: Design: Construct theory-based instructional content in accordance with organizational requirements and […]

Spirit-Led Preaching

Student will submit a 4-page annotated book report on the book listed below.  You will write your book report on the preachers method and your critique of the preachers method. Also, to  Identify and from the reading what made you stumble or caused a moment of aha. Describe why the particular sentence stuck out or […]

discussion post

Using the assigned readings as a guide, answer the following question:  How can we take a valid sample in an educational setting?  The thread must use current APA formatting.  Please review the Discussion Assignment InstructionsPreview the document and the Discussion Grading RubricPreview the document prior to posting.  You may also click the three dots in […]

supply management

Read the H.C. Starck, Inc. Case Study in the Simchi-Levi et al. text. Submit a thread of 500700 words and respond to each of the 3 end-of-case discussion questions. Each question must be answered thoroughly and responses must be supported by the concepts introduced in the reading/study materials. Provide a brief description of the concepts […]

Fetal alcohol syndrome

INTRODUCTION – why you chose this topic, what was of interest to you. PURPOSE – what you specifically wanted to learn about this topic MAIN BODY – the information you acquired about this topic CONCLUSION – summary of what you learned BIBLIOGRAPHY:  references you used Be sure to label each section separately.  Points will be […]

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