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Archive for November 15th, 2020

Ethical Hacking – Port Scanning

Youve spent time in the labs learning about scanning, ports, and the services provided from those ports. In this discussion exercise, youll look at a port scan of a Windows Server and answer some questions. There are several ports open. Select one or more ports from the following list and describe what the service does. […]

Program design

consider your program’s design. (Program topic is cultural sensitivity training) Specifically, focus on the following: Pre-Training – What will you do in phase 1 to engage and excite your learners for your training?Learning Event – For phase 2, how will you convey knowledge to your learners? How will you train them? Consider outlining the entire […]

Aviation Safety Statistics Regarding the Evolution of the Airline Industry

Read the assigned topics, then conduct further research into Aviation Safety Statistics over the Evolution of the Airline Industry, as you will use this knowledge in writing your Case Analysis (CA). You will access an aviation accident statistic over many decades, analyze it, and provide an assessment.Consider accessing the NTSB website (Links to an external […]

Methodology + Results

Please carefully refer to the document of requirements as well as paper #1 and several examples I uploaded. According to the introduction and literature review in paper #1, you need to select a Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise to collect relevant data for analysis. This paper only needs to involve methodology and results. If you […]


In this paper you will be tasked with illustrating a family transition based on the perspective of someone who has recently gone through this experience. You will discuss how the transition has influenced the individual, other family members, and the family as a whole. The processes involved in the transition should also be discussed. 


Case Study 2: Due November 15You will submit your response to each case study in a Q & A forum.  Your response should be a bulleted list/plan to address each case. Do not reply to the responses of others.  You will have only one post in the case study forums. Case Study 2 PARENTS AGREEMENT: […]

exercise physiology

The goal of this assignment is two-fold. First, I want you to become familiar with estimations of muscular strength and endurance. It is important to know how to effectively assess both measures of overall muscular fitness, as this knowledge will allow you to regularly assess fitness levels on your clients to determine if training is […]

Shared Vision:Instructional Data and Improvement

You have had an opportunity to view materials and resources on vision, shared vision.  Locate an article in a peer reviewed research journal on the topic of shared vision as it relates to using data or instructional improvement and assessment.  Post the article in the forum along with a brief synopsis.  Include the following in […]

4 p’s of chick fil a

Watch this video and answer the following questions:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHAie2mz3gQ After watching the video, discuss the following:         Describe how Chic-Fil-A implementation of the 4Ps have led to its success         How is Chic-Fil-As use of Purpose and People helpful in gaining customers?                  […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In 1-2 well-developed and well-detailed paragraphs, discuss the topic listed below. How does the Hero-Twins journey to Xibalba compare and/or contrast with the journeys other epic heroes have taken to the afterlife and/or underworld? You might also discuss the purposes of the journeys, how the underworlds are structured, and how the inhabitants of the underworld […]

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