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slow design in Kansas city Architecture

You need to find and analyze 2 different examples of slow design in Kansas city Architecture.
*at least 400 words for each example. The total is at least 800 words.
*you need to have basic design concepts and knowledge in architecture/interior design.
*you need to show me your choice first before you start because I am also working on it. I don’t want to choose same architectures with you.
*you should at least find 3 different references for each architecture.

1. Why these two buildings conform to the slow design concept. 2. What is the impact/significance of these two buildings on the residents of Kansas? 3. Why these three buildings can echo the concept of sustainable development 4. Why these two buildings can establish a long-term emotional connection with local residents. 5. To summarize the characteristics of these two buildings (why users can focus on the slow design process and get physical and mental relaxation and enjoyment) 6. To summarize the slow design method that is easy for people to accept and the development trend of slow design architecture in the future.
*you should at least find 2 different references for each architecture.

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