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Archive for January 2nd, 2021

Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation

InstructionsThis assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to apply the concepts presented in the Unit VI Lesson regarding controlling ergonomic risks factors with proper tool design. Specifically, you will be evaluating a work task to identify specific control measures that can be implemented to address tool design. Click here to access the video. (Uploaded […]


Case StudyCM is a 43-year-old female who presents with concerns regarding two painless right-breast lumps that she detected four months ago. She missed an appointment for evaluation by her primary-care provider at that time and presents today with reportedly no change in these findings since that time. There has been no breast discharge, bleeding, overlying […]

Neuromarketing and neuroscience applications in the area of sustainability

IntroductionNeuroscience has developed increased popularity in recent decades across the globe as various fields started embracing neuroscience as a scientific base that unites multidisciplinary research modalities. The term neuroculture is a novel scientific branch merging neuroscience with other sciences, arts or humanities that includes neurophilosophy, neuropsychology, neuroinformatics, neurogenetics, neurobiology, neurosociology, neuropedagogy, neuroforensics and neuromarketing.Javor, A., […]

Regional and Global Winds

Choose one of these discussion topics. Preview the documentFormulate an organized, clearly worded, and succinct initial post that substantively covers all discussion points stated for your chosen topic. Because your initial post will be scored on the degree to which you meet these standards, there is no set minimum word requirement. However, there is a […]

Final Paper

Final Paper Think of an organization you have worked for or one with which you are very familiar.  Diagnose the need for change and present a plan to transform the organization, utilizing Kotters 8-Step Approach. You will need to research the Kotter 8 Step Change Model extensively. You are encouraged to review Kotters Eight Step […]


In this task, you will write an analysis  of one work (suggested length of 36 paragraphs total). Choose one work from one time period in the list of accepted works below: Note: the one work you choose MUST be selected from only one of the periods in the list below. Classical Period: Sappho [Like the […]

The Export-Import Bank Can Help Deal with the China Challenge

Please keep politics out of your critique and evaluation, but the link will take you to a well-written persuasion paper. thesis statement In the age of Huawei, the Belt and Road Initiative, and Chinas state-sponsored companies, we need the US Export-Import (EXIM) Bank more than ever.

Frequency/Audio signal processing

*This is not a report kind of research. No intro, body, conclusion required* I am asking for a list of signal processing features for  an audio based graph. For the audio graph, list as much signal processes with a brief description and why it’s important for audio based graphs. I am currently working on a […]

individual EBP Project Analysis

The Individual EBP Assignment requires the learner to find an EPB article that relates to the topic and group project problem. below you find documents to help you with this assignment: EBP Article Analysis Guideline.docxExemplar.EBP.docxEBP Journal Article PowerPoint Instructions.pptx First review the group project problem and title.Use keywords from your problem for your lookup inquiry. […]

Criminal law

Topic :While attempting to rob a federally insured bank, Jerry is interrupted by the arrival of the police. To escape, he forces the bank teller to accompany him into the bank parking lot. When he arrives in the parking lot, he frees the bank teller. Has he committed the crime of kidnapping? Explain your response. […]

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