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Archive for January 6th, 2021

Social Deviance

The papers will be about 2+pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 margins, no heading. They mustbe between 1300-1500 words in length. I only want your name at the top and nothing else; again,you need to meet the word requirement. Points will be deducted if you use larger font, spread outyour font, adjust your […]

Environmental Disasters

Businesses have created a variety of environmental disasters throughout history. As the world becomes more industrialized, the potential for disaster increases. For this Discussion Board, you will explore the Exxon Valdez oil spill to see how it influenced the discussion of a companys duty to environmental stakeholders. Click on and read the Alaska Oil Spill […]

Information Technology

A group policy object or GPO can be configured to implement security parameters of a Windows domain, among other things. Different organizations have different security needs, and their GPO settings can vary. Try to imagine your current workplace or a past one where you think a GPO would work well (maybe it even used them). […]

Stakeholders in a Business Situation

Read the factual scenario as to Something is Rotten in Hondo, Course Documents. Prepare a three-page analysis that defines the concept of stakeholders, identify all stakeholders in this situation and separately address the interests of each stakeholder in this situation. Also, analyze whether the decision-makers responsibility to provide for his or her family outweigh his […]

OSHA: Hero or Villain?

OSHA: Hero or Villain? OSHA has been seen as both a positive and a negative influence on business and employees. Start by reading OSHA’s mission statement. Retrieved from http://www.osha.gov/.Go to About OSHA.Explore the information and links on that page.Locate some articles about OSHA written by Ralph Nader. How does Mr. Nader feel about OSHA and […]

Apply the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility to a Business Situation

Read the factual scenario as to the Amtrak Case Study. Prepare a three-page analysis that defines the concept of corporate social responsibility. Consider the corporate social responsibility of Amtrak as to the tragedy which occurred both before and after the incident involved. Based on your analysis of the scenario, as well as what you have […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I believe that the legal driving age should not exceed to 18 because it impacts our education , our work and saving up , and our way of getting to our education that we need now.        Use that for my paragraphs its a thesis assignment

Audit paper grp

1. Provide a summary of the case or the article.2. A. Problem or Opportunity Statement (aka. the Critical Issue). Provide a singlestatement of the critical issue present in the case or article. If several issues are apparent,identify them in priority order. Generally, several problems are all symptoms of oneoverriding problem. Try to abstract up to […]

Government Contracting Doctrines

Read the assigned brief for this week, Donald C. Winder, Secretary of The Navy v. Cath-dr/Balti Joint Venture (pp. 31-35). Prepare a brief about the case and be prepared to discuss it during the class Briefs should be no more than 1-2 pages but must include a section for each of the following: the facts […]

“Real World” Instruction Sets

Below are two older but real sets of instructions. Please look them over fully and carefully. If you were part of the technical writing team for these products, what are the three most important pieces of advice you would provide to make these instructions stronger and more effective. Please refer to our assignment description and […]

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