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Archive for January 8th, 2021

Review and Selection of a Standardized Test

Identify a test category that is relevant to your academic and professional career goals. The List of Tests by Type document identifies the 11 categories you may choose from. They include (1) intelligence/cognitive abilities, (2) achievement/aptitude, (3) personality, (4) behavior, (5) adaptive behavior, (6) neuropsychological, (7) career/business/organization, (8) autism, (9) depression, (10) preschool, and (11) […]

Discussion Post:History and the Constitution

History and the ConstitutionCompetencies Addressed in This DiscussionCompetency 1: Describe how historical problems were managed in the evolution of the U.S. Constitution.Competency 5: Communicate effectively in writing.IntroductionThe U.S. Constitution has significant and complex history. Each marker that led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution is important in terms of understanding frame, philosophical ideologies, and […]


Reflect on your Capstone learning experience. What skill(s) and knowledge that you’ve acquired from the experience will most likely benefit you as transferable to the work force or to your continued pursuit of higher education in the future? What have you learned about yourself as a learner from this experience (e.g., research or writing)? Reflect […]

Connecting the Past and Present and Looking Ahead

Connecting the Past and Present and Looking AheadCompetencies Addressed in This AssignmentCompetency 2: Correlate the role of each branch of government with Bill of Rights interpretation.Competency 5: Communicate effectively in writing.Throughout the course, we will be looking at historical connections to understand current and future criminal justice system implications. In this unit, you learned about […]

Good, Bad, and Loving

Write a 45 page paper applying theories and concepts from social psychology, behavioral ethics, and critical thinking to the case study you choose. Focus on theories related to prosocial behavior, rejection, and close relationships. Prosocial behavior is doing what’s best for others and involves being fair, respectful, cooperative, forgiving, and sometimes obedient and conforming. It […]

Thinking, Feeling, and Believing

Instructions Using the Thinking, Feeling, and Believing Template [DOCX]: Summarize the case study.Describe credible and scholarly sources relevant to a particular theory.Apply a social psychological theory to a chosen case study.Explain how social psychological research studies relate to a particular social psychological theory.Apply an ethical reasoning concept to a chosen case study.Apply a critical thinking […]

IT Cybersecurity in Disaster Planning

1. After viewing this week’s PPT, what trends can you spot in all of these recent hacking cases? 2. Find a current events example (from the past 2 weeks) that supports one of these trends.3. Analyze this trend and this example. What could they mean for the future of cybersecurity?Resources https://www.zdnet.com/article/five-emerging-cybersecurity-threats-you-should-take-very-seriously-in-2019/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFrj3sdcOIUhttps://infosec-conferences.com/cybersecurity-ted-talks/

Narrative Synthesis

Discuss how Davoren, Cronin, Perry, Demant, Shiely, & O’Connor (2016) used visual presentation in the article, “A Typology of Alcohol Consumption Among Young People – A Narrative Synthesis” (this week’s required readings), to reduce information from the evaluation studies to certain characteristics. Initial posting should be 500 words. It should cite at least one credible […]

Self and Self Control

Apply theories and concepts from social psychology, behavioral ethics, and critical thinking to the case study you choose. Focus on theories dealing with culture and nature and the self. Social psychology can help you understand the world around you and answer questions about why people behave the way they do. Why is it so hard […]

Emergency Management

Question 1: Please comment on your concurrence, or not, of forming a new departmentQuestion 2: Read and comment on Department of Homeland Security Role in the world events listed under Resources.I have attached the resources. Some video resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KlFc2-4Yykhttps://www.hsaj.org/articles/584https://www.yahoo.com/news/french-police-deployed-amid-round-090953539.html

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