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Archive for January 11th, 2021

refection paper

Session 2 The Four Gospels Reflection PaperIn your reading of Gundry this week, you were introduced to the four Gospels. Please write a reflective paper, based off of what you read this week, addressing the following:“Why four Gospels?” Why do we need four accounts of the life of Jesus? Couldn’t we have gotten by with […]

Do international economic organisations (e.g. the IMF, the World Bank and/or the WTO) represent the interests of rich and poor countries equally? Provide examples to sustain your argument.

Essay Tittle: Do international economic organisations (e.g. the IMF, the World Bank and/or the WTO) represent the interests of rich and poor countries equally? Provide examples to sustain your argument. I want 0% plagiarism I want  8 to 9 sources Harvard Referencing Writing an essay offers the opportunity to develop and apply your research skills […]

consumer report

Consumers Perspective asks you to go out onto the Internet and find out what consumers want out of their health plans.  Start your research at https://is.gd/sNwtsU and expand your search until you have:    Three expectations of services provided by a health plan    Three expectations of services provided by doctorsShare what you find, along with appropriate […]

Choosing the Sociological Imagination

Your first assignment for this course will be taken from the Sociology in Focus blog.  The article Choosing the Sociological Imagination Preview the documentis a good place for us to begin exercising our abilities to see the world through various perspectives. Read the article and provide responses to the four questions at the end of […]

accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the US

Visit RAND (https://is.gd/cnsu9K) and browse their publications regarding the accessibility of health care.  Choose one publication of interest and:    Create a 100-150 word summary of the publication using the advice at https://courses.lumenlearning.com/suny-englishcomp1v2/?p=55.    Create an APA formatted reference for the publication.    Create an annotated reference (or annotated bibliography) for the publication using https://is.gd/3WFcvp as a guide.The […]

Guidelines for Prescribing Controlled Substances

I. Guidelines and recommendations for your state:In response to the opioid epidemic, individual states have developed and adopted voluntary guidelines or recommendations for the treatment of acute and chronic non-cancer pain. Based on research done on the state where you will practice clinically, include the following: 1. Provide the name of your practicing state’s organization, […]


write an annotated bibliography using at least two of the sources you have collected so far. Remember these sources should be primary and peer-reviewed research articles. Annotate each article individually (your annotation should be substantially different from the author’s abstract). An annotation is approximately 300-500 words. Your annotation should include three distinct sections: summary, analysis, […]

personal letter

Hello i just need help writing a formal 1 page letter to a hospital why i cannot afford a  19,448.16 bill. my insurance was cancelled without my knowledge excuse i was opt out of autopay. also i want some explanation that my wife lost her job due to  the pandemic staying home because kids can’t […]

Answer Questions

Narrow and refine the topic you chose in Week 1 (Healthcare system paradigm shift; what will it look like in 2025 and where does Robotics fit into?)To do this, you will identify the conceptual and practical problems regarding your topic and indicate whether your topic is an applied, or real-world problem. This will help you […]

Project Management

Download and read PMI’s “Pulse of the Profession” report below and write a 1-to-2-page paper summarizing key information and your opinion about the report.This should not be just a summary of the report but contain your perspective about what you read. You must describe your point of view, what you agree or disagree, how it […]

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