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Archive for May, 2021

Computer information system–P&G case

P&G Case AnalysisBased on the article in the electronic course pack, please submit a 1 1/2 analysis responding to the following questions: 1. What is the distinction between outsourcing of physical goods, IT services, and business processes (1 point)?2. What are some of the factors that drive a firms decision to outsource (1 point)?3. What […]

Impacts of the Boeing 747

an example of the different areas impacted by the Boeing 747, economy, travel, industry, freight, people. include more if you can The powerpoint presentation will be no less than 30 minutes long with each team member doing no less than 10 minutes of the presentation. After the presentation is over, the group is expected to […]

Critique Checklist after reading an Assessment of Nurses’ Practice and Potential Barriers Regarding the Medical Waste Management at Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar: A CrossSectional Study

It is required that you read an article about Assessment of Nurses’ Practice and Potential Barriers Regarding the Medical Waste Management at Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar: A CrossSectional Study then answer the questions in the Critique Checklist Instructions:1)    Critically review the research study attached.2)    Appraise each of the 38 criteria (questions) listed […]


You have been hearing all semester that “Literature changes the world.” This assignment will let you take some time to consider a problem, and look for a solution that everyone could participate in, and embrace. Write a short article discussing a problem in society that you are concerned about..  * It should be approximately a […]

5 technologies that changed our life the most

topic introduction 3 parts 1) hook2) background or overview 3) thesis statement body :first paragraph1) topic sentence 2)supporting sentences second paragraph 1) topic sentence 2)supporting sentences third paragraph 1) topic sentence 2)supporting sentences conclusion 1) make final comments about subject 2) restate main points 3) leave reader with something to think about or a quote


Each image and graph should be on its own page in Word that includes the following:TitleSource information and linkOne sentence explanation as to how the image/graph supports an objective listed in the final report. my paper was about the economy, the effect on human of global warming and pakistan global warming find 12 atleast2 images, […]

Research paper for International Business

Using specific examples, discuss the role government agencies play in encouraging and regulating international trade and direct foreign investment The paper should focus on specific examples that influence international trade in USA and encourage foreign investments, minimum write about 3 different agencies Agencies can include dept. of agriculture, dept. of labor, dept. of homeland security […]

How did this challenge relate to my tertiary topic?

*****my paper is about global warming in Pakistan, the effect on human, economy**** Directions: Review your sources and identify between four and six challenges of your topic during the next two to four years. Arrange your trends by any the following topics: Business trendsFinance trendsPolitical trendsSocial trendsResources trendsTime trendsManagement trendsSales trendsGeographical trendsImpact trendsOthers (explain) Learning […]

Social Media: Population Health Problems

Research and share an overview of the current data on substance abuse specific to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You must use one (or more) of the resources from the Direct Care Project Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis assignment. You may choose to find additional outside source(s).Then take a moment to review the Twitter feed for compelling Tweets […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made comments that she didn’t believe she could be confirmed again as an Associate Justice. One of the reasons she believed this is because of her work with the ACLU and how some politicians disagree with the mission of the ACLU. Read my article on the intersection of Ruth Bader Ginsburg […]

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