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Archive for July 1st, 2021

Alternatives to Home Care

Part A     1800  =/-10% words     Weighing 50%Write a report critically appraising how Irish social policy associated with one form of alternative to home care embeds concepts of citizenship, quality of life and person-centred care, identifying what theoretical frameworks have informed the policies or regulations. Introduction give an outline of what you are going […]


Part II:  Identify a contemporary nursing issue from the topics provided and relate this to the client scenario in Part I. The subject I chose is diabetes. Summarize the issue and analyze how it applies to your clients situation. This may be laid out as follows:1.    Introduction to the issue (this should serve as introduction […]

Primary Source Reflection – Week 1

Primary Source Reflection – Week 1 For this week’s reflection, I want you to focus on the second and third readings from this week: Giovanni da Verrazano “Encountering Native Americans” and “Bartolom de las Casas on Spanish Treatment of the Indians.” These two documents provide us with some of our earliest knowledge of Native American […]

Spatial Big Data Analytics

Title: Spatial Big Data AnalyticsSpatial Big Data exceeds the capacity of commonly used spatial computing systems, due to volume,variety and velocity. Spatial Big Data comes from many different sources:satellites, drones, vehicles,geosocial networking services, mobile devices, camerasThis assignment helps students comprehend the developing status of various fields of spatial bigdata analytics via detailed review work. The […]

Students will write a three-page reaction/response essay where they select the topic of their essay, so the topic is opened. On book the Nickel Boys

You will follow proper MLA essay format as well as formal paragraph structure/unity.  You can search the Purdue OWL for the format if you are unfamiliar with MLAyou should be, however. https://owl.purdue.edu/writinglab/the_writing_lab_at_purdue.html -DO NOT SUMMARIZE!  You are not retelling me the story.  You approach your essay knowing that I have read the novel.  You will […]

American Federal Government

ANSWER IN 200-250 WORDS: Do our civil rights and civil liberties have a moral compass?  Required reading for this Discussion: Book chapters 4 and 5.Mahoney, Daniel J. (2021, January 30). Civic virtues as moral facts recovering the other half of our founding, The Center Square, Retrieved from https://www.thecentersquare.com/opinion/op-ed-civic-virtues-as-moral-facts-recovering-the-other-half-of-our-founding/article_8c49f1a4-6285-11eb-b48e-a32f662abf62.html (Links to an external site.) (Links to […]

prison overcrowding

A research paper of a topic of your choice will comprise 25% of your grade.  The due date is posted in the calendar. Topics will address the Criminal Justice System.  The research paper should be at minimum 5 to 10 pages in length. The cover page, abstract and bibliography are not included in the count.  […]

Verbal and Nonverbal

The Reflection papers can be informal in nature but I should still be able to understand your writing spell check would be a good idea.  The reaction papers are an opportunity for you to participate in the class in addition to contributing to class discussions. I will evaluate the papers on the following criteria: The […]

organization ethicsethical quotient of the leader

create a Leadership Interview select a leader from any organization/entity and conduct a compelling and germane interview. The goal is to find out the ethical quotient of the leader and how they continue to embrace ethical practices where they are employed. The interview should also reveal when they experienced an IPOH (Intense Period of Heat) […]


For EACH reading identify a huh moment AND make an observation about what might be missing from the reading. As we continue to develop our critical gendered lens, scholarly readings can leave out part of the “story” so in your discussion identify one area where the reading might fall short in explaining gendered behavior.

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