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Archive for July 7th, 2021

Public Health

Instructions: Be sure to answer all parts of each question and respond IN YOUR OWN WORDS  Your response should NOT be mostly quoting from other sources. Please provide a reference or works cited page for any references or citations you use throughout this written assignment. Expected word counts are provided for each question. Questions: There […]

Art HIstory

Select ONE work of Contemporary art (post-1945) in Africa that is most interesting or intriguing to you. (the work should not be illustrated in the textbook, but you may research on the artist mentioned in the textbook) Imagine you are a curatorial assistant / curator of Contemporary art to propose new acquisition of one work […]

Rites of passage

Describe an aspect of your own culture from an etic (outsiders) perspective in Part I of the paper.Describe an aspect of another culture from an emic (insiders) perspective in Part II of the paper.Apply cultural relativism in order to examine misconceptions about culture that may occur due to ethnocentrism.Keep the distinction between cultural relativism and […]

Criminal Courts

Discussion prompt: Read about the Manhattan Bail Project started in 1961. It showed great promise to reform the bail system. Contrast it with the 2017 video below from the same organization that started the Manhattan Bail Project, Vera Institute of Justice Has the bail system improved between the two projects? Is bail disproportionately impacting the […]

Critical Response #3

In order to receive full credit for the critical response exercise, you must: Choose one of the readings from the module. Answer the questions below. 1. What are the main arguments provided by the author? 2. Write a brief discussion of how these reading contribute justice and inequality. Why does this reading matter to the […]

Economic History

Hello, thank you very much for your help! I have attached below all the appropriate documents and the brief of the essay. Please pick question number 3: “Why did so many countries leave the international gold standard in the 1930s? Explain the different reasons countries had for breaking the link to gold.” It is mandatory […]

Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

Prompt: “One of the most serious pressures facing the correctional system today is prison overcrowding. Most prisons operate above their rated capacity. One method to reduce overcrowding is by giving the inmates a reduction in their sentence for good behavior. This concept is known as good time. Do you think good time should be eliminated? […]

Where did the Renaissance begin?

Where did the Renaissance begin? In your writing, you will briefly compare and contrast the two sources in todays lesson: Italy: The Birthplace of the Renaissance and Non-Western Origins of the Renaissance. First, compare the two secondary sources. Use the sentence starters and frames from the Language of Comparison chart (in the next page) to […]

the petroleum alternative- Electric Vehicles

Investigate electric vehicles and its upcoming alternative from petroleum. to prepare a short paper for a very important businessperson on this topic. should includeIntroduction: Why you chose this topicBackground: Introduce your topic. Provide an overview/history about the subject matter. (Always reference your research)Interesting/Unexpected Facts: Include at least three things that you learned as part of […]

Human Resources and Labor Law

Complete parts 1 & 2Writing Assignment: We Demand a Raise(3 points) Create one Word documents containing all parts of the assignment.Format your document with one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. One page, double-spaced for each part.  Instructions: Part 1 1. Read the following scenario: On a Friday morning before the day begins, all […]

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