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Archive for July 9th, 2021

Biography of Odysseus

I added teacher instructions in the files. She is very specific. Times new Roman 12 font. 1-2 pages but will probably take 2. I have also attached the outline she wants for the biography. It is very specific. I included part 1 and part 2 of from the Odyssey for you to review on what […]

Prompt : Can your susceptibility be cured? Does your vulnerability make you interesting? Do you have more than one weakness? Do you share your weakness with family members, friends? Is yours a collective or generational weakness? Do others know about your

Using the prompts above, write an 8-page, 2,000-word, double-spaced essay in which you offer a path toward self-improvement using the texts weve discussed throughout the semester as a map. You must also discuss, given your vulnerability, how you plan to interact with others to avoid feeling alone or calling it quits.

Aging out of the Foster Care System

For this assignment conduct a literature review on your selected topic. My topic is Aging Out of the Foster Care System. My professor wants us to include the headings scope of the problem, what we know from the literature, limitations of the literature, priority areas for future research and 2 other headings of our choice […]

Research Proposal Part 2

You are to write a review of the existing literature for your chosen topic utilizing at least fifteen academic peer-reviewed papers, preferably from scholarly journals.  You will focus on describing the results of each of the studies reviewed and narrowing down the theoretical framework driving the study. You will then relate it to your own […]

Final Exam

MUS/GEN 106 Women, Music and Culture Exam IV (final) 65 points 1. Discuss todays music industry in terms of performers and marketing. Considering both male and female performers, how does the current situation compare with the historical account presented in this course? (30 points minimum of four paragraphs) 2. When you began this class, did […]

Tony Horowitz Paper HISTORY

The first paper, 3-5 pages in length, is on Tony Horwitzs, Spying on the South: An Odyssey Across the American Divide. The questions you need to ask as you progress through the paper are: What prompts  Horwitz to follow Frederick Law Olmsted’s antebellum journey into the South? What does Horwitz hope to find on his […]


-Write an essay that explicates the poem that is, an essay that identifies a theme of the poem and explains how that theme is supported by the language of the poem. -Identify meanings, symbols, metaphors, sound effects, allusions, or any other aspect of the poem that support your thesis. -Your draft should be formatted in […]


Many companies have introduced office spaces with open floor plans and seating arrangements. Some have introduced musical chairs type seating, where employees seats are switched around every few months. The hope is to increase collaboration. Do you feel like this would be a helpful situation for you or is it going too far?


Task:Please answer 1 of the questions 1 through 3, then everyone answers question 4. 1. Using Hofstede’s tool on the website: How is your country of interest different than the U.S. on each of the dimensions of the taxonomy? This includes individualism/collectivism, power distance, masculinity/femininity, uncertainty avoidance, long vs. short-term orientation, and indulgence/restraint? 2. With […]

Choose a Topic From The Eleventh Edition Campbell Biology

Please see attached file for Instructions. And Im asking please to follow every instruction step thats giving, this assignment is very critical because its a final paper.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TOPIC YOU CHOSE BEFORE WRITING . 1. PLEASE LOOK AT WHAT THE PAPER MUST INCLUDE. 2. PLEASE LOOK AT THE FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS.

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