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Archive for July 10th, 2021

Video refelction

Watched the recorded video and write a critique paper  (I am the first speaker in the video) Opening and Closing Paragraphs    Opening Paragraph: Provide a one or two-sentence overview of whom you spoke to and what they talked about. Also include elements such as: How did you feel going into the role play? What were […]

Political Science

Write a 2-3 page typed letter to a representative in that legislative body in favor or against it’s passage, giving reasons for your stance. For this paper, you’ll need to use two or three scholarly sources to provide evidence for your position. I have provided some resources about the bill. You are more than welcome […]

Critical Reflection

What are an industry’s key success factors (KSFs)? How would you assess those factors for your chosen award winning company from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website?What is meant by the term “best practices”? Why does it matter whether a company utilizes best practices in performing the activities comprising its value chain?Explain how the strategic […]

Histories of Sexualities

This is just like the other papers you wrote. Where there has to be citations from the reading. Also it needs to have like a paragraph of some personal reflections. So citing more of the readings will get a better grade than citing fewer of the readings. The journals are designed as formal 2-page writing […]


Within a few days after a job interview, you should write and send in a letter of thanks. In most cases, it is okay to send this letter via email. However, if time permits, a handwritten letter is always better. Using the job described in the ad you( REGISTERED NURSING JOB ) targeted in your […]

Environmental Anthropology

I need to answer 2 simple prompts (more questions within the prompts) for my anthropology class. The answer only needs to be around 50 to 100 words each. (Word count is next to each question) Please try to stick to the word count, my professor is very strict about it. No need to write out […]

Adaptive Leadership

In Milestone One, you assessed feedback from the employee engagement survey results, comparing and contrasting the results with the Leadership Circle profile. In the Module Two assignment, you completed your individual Leadership Circle profile and developed the personal development plan in your role as the director in the organization, which you reviewed with your manager, […]


must be personal in nature which means it is not a book report but how you react to the text. Do not analyze the text or write it as a formal book report because professor hates that. read genre and world theatre chapter in  http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00021870/00001

Trauma In Education

This paper will be written from research found in professional sources and will be written for the purposes of exploring and examining current research regarding Trauma Informed Schools. Your paper should essentially answer three questions: What is trauma? How can a teacher identify trauma in their students? What are effective responses that teachers and schools […]


Your Essay will include the following: 1.    Introduction: establish the significance of your topic in relation to the essay question, present your topic and/or argument with a strong thesis statement. 2.    Analysis: present the evidence to support your thesis. You may compare your sources to one another and/or relate them to one another, […]

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