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Archive for July 16th, 2021


You are to complete pages 1 & 2 of the concept map on our vSim patient Kim Johnson-Concept Map Template.docx  Patient IntroductionLocation: Rehabilitation unit 0800 Report from charge nurse: Situation: Kim Johnson is a 26-year-old female police officer with paraplegia from a thoracic 8 (T8) spinal cord injury. She was transferred to us yesterday. Background: […]


Choose a song. Any song. In any genre and from any time period. It must have words (preferablywords that are not offensive to others).Analyze the lyrics. Find a hard copy of the songs lyrics. Now type the song lyrics yourself into a WordDocument (or pdf.) following the lines, stanzas, and paragraphs exactly (this forces you […]

Assertiveness and conflict resolution

Introduction Opening statementTell them about what you are going to tell them and whyFocus on building rapport with the audience within the first five minutes of the presentation Body Your top two or three points with supporting dataGive clear explanationsProvide sufficient evidenceWhy is this information important to the audience?What relevance is there?Why should they care?


Based on the examined techniques in the How To Build Self Discipline video, have you attempted any of the exercises in the past? Is there a technique in particular that you feel could be especially helpful in combating feelings of anger or desires for fame and luxurious living? Along with this, find a technique that […]


Topic: Strategies for Risk Management in Chinese Construction Industry Research Question: 1) What type of risk occur in construction projects? 2) What are the factors that affected these risks? 3) What are the strategies to deal with these risks? Method: online interviews Requirement:A 3 pages thesis proposal (incl. introduction, a brief literature review, the proposed […]


Deviance is defined as a variation from a set of norms or shared social expectations. Presently, the United States of America Criminal Justice System incarcerates more people than any other modern country. One might say that America is obsessed with locking people up. Compared to other modern societies, is it safe to say that some […]

How do nerve signals travel up and down the spinal cord?

topic: How do nerve signals travel up and down the spinal cord?please create a thorough, accurate paper. This included addressing all of the original questions/topics in a clear, logical and organized manner.  Appropriate scientific college-level sources were used.  Post contained APA formatted references and in-text citations. The post was grammatically correct. Thank you!

populism/nationalism and cultural mlange

It is class discussion forum so please write in the format of a conversation and not essay In our textbook, we read about two diametrically opposed forces: populism/nationalism and cultural mlange. Discuss the role that modernity and capitalism play in creating the cultural mlange and how, in your view, they cope with the growing populism/nationalism

The Inner Side of Organizational Change

Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n-c6iAKFgg Watch the YouTube Video from Thijs Homan that speaks to the inner side of organizational change. Address the following prompts: 1. Comment on Thijs Homan’s opening statement that “the more you try to manage change, the more it comes to a halt”. Explain how this statement ties into the entire message of […]

Marijuana Compare/Contrast

Your essay should be one cohesive paper with accurately documented sources in APA format. You should not number each point, but rather incorporate each seamlessly in your essay.Marijuana is difficult to categorize because of its multitude of effects. With respect to how marijuana might be regarded as a hallucinogen, compare and contrast the effects of […]

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