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Archive for September 8th, 2021


Do First – Story TellingDiscussion Topic I’m Done Listen to Piano Concerto No. 21 by Mozart. Close your eyes as you are listening and imagine an animated scene suggested by the music such as those in Disneys Fantasia. Describe your story or scene on the discussion board.Read and comment on at least two of your […]


1. All of you have probably read quite a bit about the worlds wealthiest manBill Gates. But some of you are probably not nearly as familiar with Bill Gatess main rival and worlds seventh wealthiest man, former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Ellison recently retired as Chief Executive officer (CEO) but is still active as the […]

Critical response essay

Assignment Specifications Type: Written Paper Style: Modern Language Association Format Length: 1,000 words or more Description: Write a literary analysis of one of the readings we have engaged with thus far that utilizes one of the schools of literary criticism. Be Sure to: Include works cited page. Suggested Genre: Poetry Second Critical Response Essay As […]

Presentation on Perception, Consciousness and Attention

Download and use the “Presentation Template” linked in the resources. Do not submit a paper for this assignment. Papers will not be graded. You will complete this assignment by replacing all language that is enclosed with brackets [] in the PowerPoint with your own words. For guidance in the basics of using PowerPoint, see “Basic […]

Peer Review

Instructions: You have been provided a peer’s paper for review.  Read through the paper carefully and use the rubric to determine if there are missing pieces or if the person has followed APA correctly.  Once you fill out the rubric, provide the person with some feedback, identifying what are the strengths of the paper and […]

Test Assessment Paper

The paper should be approximately 5-7 pages (not including the cover page or the reference pages). Each student will choose a test/assessment and provide the following information: a.) who and how the assessment was developed, b.) include the reliability and validity of the instrument, c.) the population the instrument can be used with, d.) provide […]

Architectural Proposal

This project has two components one creative and one written. (1) You are going to design a museum for a specific city you select using modern design principles, considering the movements and architects that are inspiring you and the influence the site has on the architecture. Based on the architectural perspectives and precedents presented in […]

Self-reflection on personal learning as part of a group

Write a reflective piece based on your personal learning during your time working as part of a group and your input into the assignment. The section I’ve done for this business project are: I come up with the idea of a personal shop assistant app. My initial thought on this was based on my personal […]

Application for RolePlay GTA 5 server

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR APPLICATION IS LESS THAN 10,000 CHARACTERS IN TOTALAnswer ALL questions in the context of JustRP Ruleshttps://forums.just-rp.info/index.php?threads/rules.1/ <— RULES. (i.e. define metagaming in your own words, in the context of the rules of JustRP) Please read over this Google Document for Tips on completing your Whitelist ApplicationJust RP Whitelist Application Tipshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1fsXslRof7MRAXCAZYChuIW0HJNrSl3WnxivspflKowA/edit?usp=sharing Look […]


1. Selected  topic. Pointers to quickly utilize employee relations skills in and outside of the workplace. 2. You are the training course designer and also (hypothetically) the trainer conducting this training throughout the year. The learners in each of these scenarios have at least a H.S. diploma or equivalent. There will likely be 15-20 students […]

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