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Archive for September 13th, 2021

Week 4 Assignment 1 HSA 530

Company mergers are very busy and challenging times for corporate leadership. The role that HR plays during a merger is often complex and far reaching. In this assignment, you write an executive brief that considers aspects of how an HR department might prioritize and operate to support the union of two companies. PreparationHow to Brief […]

Michelle Obamas closing speech

Please view Michelle Obama’s speech at the end of the Democratic National Convention’s Opening Night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKy3iiWjhVI What are your thoughts about the speech? Was it appropriate for the former First Lady to give a speech to support Vice President Biden? What made her speech appealing/unappealing? To which group(s) did she direct her speech? Which group(s) […]

How and why was the campaign against slavery linked to the campaign for womens rights?

Writing style: Use scholarly language. Do not use contractions (didnt, wasnt etc.). Do not use overly informal language (when Lincoln was shot, he was all, like not cool, bro!) Do, however, try to write in your own voice.Scholarly style: Use a recognized scholarly style. Chicago style is often used in history,but I do not insist […]


Stoics believe there are four virtues that, when obtained, lead to eudaimonia. In order to obtain these virtues, one must make a habit of practicing them on a daily basis. These virtues are Wisdom, Justice, Temperance, and Courage. This week we’re diving into the fourth virtue: Courage. Courage is the ability to face life’s challenges […]

Generic Strategy Typology

Explain in detail Porter’s generic strategy typology, including the combination strategy debate. Detail Miles & Snow’s generic strategy typology. Which one would you apply and why? Use a Bible verse to relate to topic and use 1 other peer reviewed reference no later than 10 years old.

The Algerian war and the impacts of the policy of concealment and remembrance on Franco-Algerian relation

I attached a summary made for my paper. The writer has to base the paper on this summary. The paper should contain a clear explanation of the subject matter and main theme or thesis in the introduction, a substantive discussion and analysis of the main issues and findings in the body; and a conclusion that […]

Women and Incarceration

3 pages, APA, double spaced elaborate on:-women in prisons continues to grow at a rate that is faster than that for male inmates.-California, Texas, and Florida correctional systems.-War on Drugs/enhanced penalties: many women were incarcerated for lengthier sentences.

weekly journal

did Bigfoot still ricks wife in the Ron Carson’s (pretty darn funny, in my opinion) story? how about the structure or form of the story? Can you make it fit the “inverted check mark? “what is ricks ” conflict? ” where is the climax or turning point of the story? how is chronological time handled? […]

Message Analysis #1

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and critically evaluate strategies used to communicate about health. You will start to notice health-related communications everywhere you look as a result of taking this course. Examples of health-related communications may include:         Ads of any format for fast food or junk foods {these […]

Racial Discrimination

Directions:For this project, you will submit a data brief as a Word file. You will complete your brief on the topic you selected in your Project Three Milestone assignment. Use the data set provided and the relevant contingency table to complete your interpretation of the chi-square test. Your brief must be a minimum of 12 […]

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