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Archive for October 2nd, 2021

Book Review

A review of the Book: Ravioli Rules A Managers Guide to get the Work Place Cooking answering the following prompts(1) Discuss how this book offers the ingredients for effective management and communication.(2) What are some of the tips you will take away from this book?(3) How do personal egos reflect communication in organizations today? (4) […]


Briefly describe an organization that you are/have been involved in.Evaluate the culture of the organization.Evaluate the leadership style of the leader in that organization you are most familiar with.Describe a change or addition to the current strategic plan of the organization that you think would improve its performance. For example: Increasing the culture of patient […]

SEI Coursework Module 4

AssignmentUsing the Differentiated Assignment Template found in the Google Folder for Module 4, create a content area assignment for Non-ELLs. Then, show how you might differentiate the assignment for your pre-emergent (Level 1) and emergent (Level 2). You must also list the different types of scaffolding and support you might provide each of these 3 […]

Analysis and Synthesis

Write an Analysis and Synthesis Paper based on the article.  Detailed instructions along with a powerpoint are included.  Main article and some sources are already included, please use those and any other sources you may need.  The Summary file is Paragraph 2, it may be reworded if necessary. 


PAGE #1 TO PAGE #8 THIS PAPER WHATS REQUIRED FOR THIS PAPER IS TO CREATE A FUNDRAISER PROJECT INCLUDED IN THIS PROJECT Project Scope checklist ( 1. Project Objective, 2. Deliverables, 3. Milestones, 4. Technical Requirements, 5. Limits and exclusions 6. Reviews with customer) Page #8 to PAGE #10 OF THIS PAPER ( WBS and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Characteristics of Living Things (50 points) Living things share 8 characteristics. A living thing grows, undergoes metabolism, responds to its environment, reproduces, passes DNA to the next generation, maintains homeostasis, changes over time, and is made up of cells. A non-living thing may seem to do one or more of these things, but to be […]

Cell Biology

Cell Biology The discovery of the antibiotic Penicillin in the 1920s made a big impact on human history. Not only did it provide a cure for bacterial infections that were once deadly, but it also led to a golden age in discovery of new antibiotics. The great benefit of these drugs is that antibiotics inhibit […]

Write a brief 2-3 page (double spaced) paper, addressing the following prompts: What are similarities and differences between the schools? How do the similarities and differences between the schools inform your understanding of what works and does not wor

Write a brief 2-3 page (double spaced) paper, addressing the following prompts:What are similarities and differences between the schools?How do the similarities and differences between the schools inform your understanding of what works and does not work in K-12 education? Use at least 3 sources pulled from course readings to support your explanations.Incorporate the following […]

Mini Research on The Arts

Research Project: Select age appropriate stage: 1. Select an artist from each genre (visual arts; dance; music; theater). 2. Create a critical statement about each artists genre. 3. Analyze and interpret the artwork. 4. Evaluate and develop a judgment for each work. Use references–APA Style

Add more articles

i have done with this paper but i forget to add the articles from each decade of the journal So, Select three representative articles from each decade of the journals and annotate them to explain briefly how they illustrate the development and contribution of the journal to the discipline (Annotated bibliography, MLA form). I upload […]

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