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Archive for October 7th, 2021


Write a 2000 word review essay for an international relations journal. Review essays are not the same as a book review. They critically assess and engage with one or more texts and bring in other sources (for example to support a weakness identified or to place a piece in relation to a wider debate). They […]

PowerPoint Slides

Topic: Plastic Bottles Make 3 PowerPoint slides about: What is being done to making the product sustainable? (Hint: Is there a company with a sustainability plan? Look for efforts on reusing, recycling, plans to replant if product components are renewable, etc.) List a minimum of 2 references on the last slide according to the guidelines […]

Project Management

Read pages 283 – 320 of the attached Case Study and address the following questions: 1. Since this project has high visibility and involves many stakeholders, discuss three activities each that highlights the distinction between project leadership and project management. 2. Explain the leadership style that you plan to use in the execution phase. 3. […]

Press release evaluation

This question is based on a Press Release that was issued by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology on December 10, 2015 entitled Active ingredient in magic mushrooms reduces anxiety and depression in cancer patients. – photo attached. a.Evaluate this press release using the PROMPT criteria (see Block 1, Unit 2).b.Has the study (identified in the […]

The arch of titus

The background of the arch of Titus and the movement of the actual arch, as well as the visual aspects using description visual analysis and research. Combine adescription, visual analysis, and research. Interpretations come from the questions raised by looking closely and doing research. They follow up on things that you find interesting. They go […]

Jesus: A Pilgrimage Book Review

It will be a book review of Fr. James Martin’s book, Jesus: a Pilgrimage. It is important to give a concise overall review of the book as well as concentrate closely on several topics in it; you do not have to cover every chapter; you may choose to concentrate on several chapters or themes. You […]

Preliminary Investigation Report

I need help writing a Preliminary Investigation Report. The report should be based on the case files attached to this order. Also in the attached documents is a file titled “PreliminaryInvestigativeReport” with specific details about how the report should be written. Please review all attached files. There is also a video regarding this case which […]

Comparative Analysis of Salesforce

Paper instructionsThe paper is an overall analysis of the HR practices of the company Salesforce, and should include an introduction and analysis of the HR-related practices of the company, and a conclusion as well. You will need to compare and contrast the best practices with two other companies: Target and T-Mobile. The paper should highlight […]

Climate Change

Write an open letter to your Congressman and Senators that explains your concerns about climate change and what you would like your government to do about it. Make it persuasive. Make it personal — why do you in particular care about this? Try to inspire someone to make a change.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Business Project Teams: Based on your evaluation of the internal resources that are available to the company, how can business project teams be efficiently engaged to obtain the most favorable results for the company?Communication: Based on your assessment of the businesss public image, recommend communication approaches or strategies designed to mitigate the impact of negative […]

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