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Archive for October 13th, 2021

Analysis of Appropriation (Select One Art From the List)

Choose one of the artists and write an analysis on the ways in which their works critique or address the notion of appropriation. 1) Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907 2) Paul Gauguin, Deux Tahitiennes, 1899, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 3) Andy Warhol, Thirty Are Better Than One, 1963, […]

Art and Music

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to explore both the conscious and unconscious ways that works of art connect to and affect our everyday perspectives on the world around us and how the world around us affects our perspective on artworks. Assignment:  You will select one artwork from the Art 21 website: http://www.art21.org/ (Links […]

The impact of logistics and supply management on e-commerce capabilities

You are to study and examine whether the use of e-commerce techniques can make logistics and supply chain management more effective and efficient. Your research should include those factors that make or could make it easier to communicate with suppliers for better management and co-ordination of supply chain. Another factor you could investigate is, whether […]

Hypothetical Clean Air Act

Background:  In 2005, Exxon Mobil donates $500 million to a consortium of California universities for the establishment of the Silicon Valley Biomass Energy Generator Plant a part research, part commercial venture to develop improved methods to convert all forms of locally generated biomass (biological waste, wood pulp/chips, unwanted non-ebooks etc) into electric energy in order […]

The effect of Brexit on the Euronext Stock Exchange over the past few years

For the research paper, you must examine ones specific IPE hypothesis that includes one independent variable (IV), one dependent variable (DV), and a prediction about the directional influence of the IV on the DV. State your hypothesis in the form of a question. This is your research question. You should rely upon a diverse set […]

Art and Music

Submit a brief response to the reading and narrated PPT from this week, Art and the Environment that responds to the following:     Identify one artist and one artwork by this artist from this weeks material on art and the environment and explain what Big Idea and theme might be associated with this artist’s […]

case study

nstructionsEvaluate the effectiveness of international civilian police in fulfilling their role, duties, and responsibilities at the micro, meso, and macro levels in a case study involving a UN peace operation. This assignment helps you achieve our course objectives:CO-5 Evaluate the efforts of international civilian police to improve peace and security at the micro-, meso-, and […]

Assignment 1: Short Answer Assessment

Address the following Short Answer prompts for your Assignment. Be sure to include references to the Learning Resources for this week. In 3 or 4 sentences, explain the appropriate drug therapy for a patient who presents with MDD and a history of alcohol abuse. Which drugs are contraindicated, if any, and why? Be specific. What […]

Is there un/just laws?

I just need the last two pages Read :Letter to Brigham jail by Martin Luther king Last rites for Indian dead by Susan shown Harjo read the readings analyze both of the readings and compare them to see if there is un/just laws and if I agree there is or not, but I definitely agree […]

Modifications Humans Make to the Environment

You should be prepared to write an essay about one of the topics listed below. The required length for the essay should be between 200 and 300 words (approximately 2-3 paragraphs). The essay should follow either the MLA Handbook or the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style. This assignment will be submitted inside the Quizzes […]

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