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Archive for January 8th, 2022

Human trafficking

Include an abstract at the beginning of your paper. Well written with an introduction and conclusion. Proper citations of sources and list of works cited. Test  a theory on one or more cases. The theory may be your own or might be  one from your literature review.  Test the theory by finding empirical  evidence. Does […]

Apple Company

Apple CompanyKnowing Your Customer – who is your customer – good opportunity to show your analysis of STP – what is the segmentation of your market, who is your target customer, and what is the current position of your brand Knowing Marketing Research – how do your target customers make purchasing decisions– what personifies their […]

political Science

I have provided some information below. First write the equation and  then, using the data provided, solve for the predicted value of the  dependent variable. Problem 1: Vote and Approval Dependent Variable: VOTE VOTE is incumbent share of the presidential vote Independent Variable: APPROVAL APPROVAL is the approval rating of the incumbent president Regression Analysis […]

satirical essay

Read the essay “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Smith. Reflect on the argument, such as you may consider if it evokes pathos, ethos or logos. Some questions to ask while reading: Do any style techniques stand out? Does the use of humor make the argument more convincing? What issues are the humorous arguments addressing? Your […]

History of Southeast Asia

In what ways was the second phase of Western expansion into Southeast Asia (later 18th and 19th cs.) different from the first phase? In your analysis, focus on at least two of the four major high imperialist powers: Great Britain, Holland, France, and the USA. What are the main causes for these differences? How did […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Choose a topic: Gender Roles, Love and Relationships / Managing Stress, then (1) review relevant literature on the topic, and (2) analyze his/her personal growth experience from the past to the present based on the literature. Should set his/her own title. Proper documentation and bibliography are required and standard of academic writing in APA format […]


Respond to the following discussion questions. Use your text book or powerpoint notes as your main reference. When using other references, be sure to cite them. 1. Discuss the relationship between the energies and frequencies of electromagnetic radiations. 2. Some electromagnetic radiations are considered to be very dangerous to us with prolonged exposure: Which ones? […]

Art History

Choose any Asian art that you would like to conduct your own research from museums, text, books, catalougues, or internet. double spaced, 12 font, times new roman. Include pictures. cite at least 3 references. try to use endnote or footnote How to write about ART:IntroductionDescription of the work (Title of work, Name of artist, if […]

Think about how the technology worked and what result you achieve

Respond to the following in 2-3 sentences per question 1. Did you reach the goal of the activity ? Why or why not ?2.  name one specific lesson, skill , or strategy that you learned during your search process and explain how you learn it ?? For the assignment we talking about DPP . Navigate […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

watch one online classical concert 1.    Introduction/Background information: Who, What, When, Where Who was the performer(s)?When did the performance take place?Where did the performance take place?What was performed?Thesis statement/Opinion: What is your main opinion of the performance? Avoid naming all of the titles of compositions in the opening paragraph. 2.    Body/Description of the performance & […]

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