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Archive for January 23rd, 2022

Answer the questions

1. Joe and Pete are roommates and computer consultants. In order to save money, both Joe and Pete share the same computer. Even though they are both in their forties, they spend a lot of time discussing having sex with high school age girls. Joe, unknowing to Pete, uses Pete’s screen name and initiates a […]

personl health record

Personal Health Record (PHR) Discussion BoardAfter reviewing the Personal Health Record (PHR) information / links, please answer the following questions. This is worth 20 points and is DUE by 5/8/21:Share your thoughts on: 1. The importance of a PHR for you and your family members, including pros and cons.  (4 points)2. What should be included […]

End Project

This last portfolio project will be a culmination of the work you have done in the course and at the same time, my goal for you is to have a project that helps you advance your personal goals. Therefore, this project allows you to pick what you would like to do. You may choose to […]


Pick another concept, theory, perspective, etc. that you think will remain with you from the class ten years from now and explain the concept, give examples, and make an argument as to why this concept will stay with you long after this class has concluded. Basically, add another concept, theory, etc. to the previous question. […]


Course Themes One of the goals of the course was to take what we read and apply it to your lived experience. Therefore, I am asking you to be self-reflective. Try to think 10 years from now when the college will be behind you. What are two concepts, theories, perspectives, etc., do you think will […]


Policy Proposal For this prompt, you get to dream big! Look to the world around you and identify a problem (relating to gender) that needs solving with legislative action on the local, state, or federal level. First, describe the problem that needs to be fixed. You may have to draw from outside sources in order […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In this paper, you will explore one area of study in the Communication Studies Department, develop a literature review for that area of study, and connect two theories from our course to the area of study. You may use elements of your APA Citation List and Annotative Bibliography to help you complete this assignment. Your […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

you must offer a thoughtful and substantive question, reflection, or comment inspired by your engagement with the reading. This post must explicitly identify a passage from the reading below that you found intriguing, confusing, enlightening, etc. to lift up for consideration. You should quote the passage in full in your post along with a clear […]

Crimes and Defenses

Group assignment: “Identify your assigned crime as described in the O.C.G.A. (Official Code of Georgia Annotated) with crime elements and penalty.The crime topic is “Interference with custody.” Present a written scenario of the crime, ensure that all elements are properly described in your created fact pattern. Present any and all legal affirmative defenses. Present “why” […]

Modern Political Theory

In Chapter Two of On Liberty, John Stuart Mill makes an argument about the importance of “liberty of thought and discussion” for the progress of society. One argument that he makes is that, even if the established opinion of a society on a particular subject is true, it is still useful to have broad expression […]

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