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Archive for May, 2022

Genre Analysis

Complete the on each of the three genres you have chosen. When you complete the worksheet, write a short introduction (no more than a few paragraphs) to include with your submission. Be sure to include the introduction in the sample file as your worksheet. The introduction should be placed at the top of the worksheet. […]

Why Is We American

In Why Is We American Baraka addresses historical, racial and economic realities of the making of America. Focusing on the excerpt of the poem, discuss ways in which this poem is or is not informed by the idea of the veil that is introduced by Du Boise in Souls of Black Folk. In doing so, […]

3 Discussions and 1 Case Study

Discussion 4.1 Are corporations moral agents? Do they have moral responsibilities? Or in your view, do only human beings have moral agency and moral obligations? Please cite and reference at least one source such as our Shaw textbook, a website via Google, or an EBSCOhost article.  For example: Shaw, W. H. (2017). Business Ethics, 9th […]

Human trafficking

 Please read Chapter 1 of the textbook and watch the film Whistleblower (2010).  After reading Chapter 1 and viewing Whistleblower (2010), answer all of the following questions: What is your initial response to this work? What components of human trafficking does this work portray well? Does this work represent something different from what you have […]

1,000 word paper The Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography

  Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the and web pages, and and tutorials. Reflect: Reflect back on the Week 1 discussion in which you shared with the class the global societal issue that you would like to further address. Explore critical insights that were shared by your peers and/or your instructor […]

3.2 Responses

1.  Deviance is behavior that violates social norms and arouses negative social reactions. Crime is behavior that is considered so serious that it violates formal laws prohibiting such behavior. Social control refers to ways in which a society tries to prevent and sanction behavior that violates norms.https://open.lib.umn.edu chapter What are deviance and society?Deviance is any […]

Supervision and Management (200-300 words) Diss 6

Imagine you are the head of a human services agency that provides behavior analytic treatment to individuals. The organization employs 5 behavior analysts, 25 RBTs, and has approximately 40 clients. It is a clinic environment, so no travel will be required of your employees. Develop 3 reinforcement systems that produce positive reinforcement and discuss how […]

Quality Assurance Responsibilities

In Unit 2, as we enter the phase of our enterprise architecture implementation we must consider the various approaches required to implement enterprise software and system integration. Regardless of what plan is followed, Quality Assurance (QA) is an important consideration in enterprise system integration. Choose one QA responsibility typical to an integration project execution. Discuss […]


1.  Communities and Police have always had a rocky relationship. In May 2020, almost 2 years ago today, a black man was brutally murdered by police. Civil unrest broke loose as the black community felt this was personal and race-related. By that June, rioting, arson, and looting spread throughout the United States this called for […]


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 8 of your Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow course text, the  and  articles. In at least one paragraph, supported by evidence from your text, articles, and other research, respond to the bullet points below: Define the terms authentic and pseudo-transformational leader. Pick two leaders, […]

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