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Archive for July 13th, 2022

7-2 Final Project Submission: Exhibit Prospectus Assignment

Submit your final project. It should be a polished proposal for an original collection of photographs that are carefully analyzed and clearly demonstrate your overall thesis. (use the same topic from the file I uploaded) Your exhibit prospectus should include 200250 words for the introduction and 150200 words per image. Use 12-point Times NewRoman font, […]

7-1 Discussion: Social Media

elect a social media platform and discuss its influence relating to photography. In your initial post, consider the following: What is the platform’s impact on photography?How has its use of photographs made the world smaller?Does the way the platform is designed alter the way that users imagine or experience their lives in the real world?Some […]

Drafting of the U.S. Constitution

The chosen topic is the  Drafting of the United States  Constitution. To finish the task, make sure to follow the rubric’s instructions. If you have any slide photos, don’t forget to include them. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Art Interpretive Evaluation Essay

Art Interpretive Evaluation Essay, you will view and evaluate the work of visual art presented in the Module Online Exploration.  The painting is the “Self-Portrait on the Border Between Mexico and the United States” by Frida Kahlo. She composed this painting during a prolonged stay in the United States while her husband Diego Rivera was […]

Follow up on college application

I applied to the University of Michigan for college. I’m still on the waiting list. Please help me to write the university as a follow-up of my application. I don’t know of being a valedictorian will add more weight to my application, I have Michigan Educational Trust Fund and my parents are very willing to […]

Amazon Corporate Profile Paper

Module VI:Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Discuss your companys approach to CSR.  Identify what CSR approach you believe they would identify themselves as being. Minimalist. Dont be conclusory, support your position with research and analysis. Module VII:Marketing: Analyze your companys approach to marketing. Be sure to provide factually-supported analysis for each of the four Ps. Module […]

Everglades Restoration Project

The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan is perhaps the most expensive ecological restoration project in the world, and this is happening in our “backyard” (South and Central Florida). Is this restoration project really going to work at the ecological level or is it mostly a political move? Can such a large ecosystem as the Everglades be […]

Lab Report: Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on DNA, Cell Viability, and Mutation Frequency

This report will be on exercise 39: Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on DNA, Cell Viability, and Mutation Frequency This report will follow the formatting of a standard scientific paper complete with include an introduction, methods, results, and discussions section with appropriate citations. You will need to cite the lab manual and a minimum of one […]

case study response

Based on “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality” and the required topic study materials, write a 750-1,000-word reflection that answers the following questions: What is the Christian view of the nature of human persons, and which theory of moral status is it compatible with? How is this related to the intrinsic human value and dignity?Which theory or […]

Choose Your Path

*** I just need someone to add to my Powerpoint based on the following needs instructed by my instructor.*** For your final presentation, the main additions that I think will help to further strengthen your slides would be the addition of statistics and information from your references, paired with in-text citations. Also I was glad […]

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