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Archive for the ‘Art’ Category

world music research paper

You are required to write a 5-page (double-spaced, standard tabs) research paper about a musical culture NOT covered in this course.  Areas covered in this course include India, Indonesia, Japan, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, so you can choose any part of the world OTHER than these.  Some areas to consider […]

Surrealism and Epic Theatre

we encounter several modern artistic movements, including Surrealism and Epic Theatre. Propose a vision for the direction and design of Mother Courage and Her Children in a style that you feel would be effective now, in 2021. Why this style? What stage or non-traditional performance space would you use and why? What would your approach […]

“Desire Under The Elms, by Eugene ONeill” written report on this play

– should be 3 pages double-spaced with a bibliography afterwards, naming any sources you used in your research. Each paper will compare and contrast a different dramatic stage work with the film it is based on.Give a brief description of the period in which the play was written and/or the playwrights life, and how it […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a formal (visual) analysis of one artwork of your choice. The selection of the artwork is important; choose a work that is relevant to the themes and periods we have covered in class, and one which interests you. You may choose from the lecture powerpoints, the textbook, or the online collections of the Met […]

Exhibition that Integrates Arts with Environmental issues

The aim of this paper is to propose an Art exhibition idea in Qatar. focus on:What would you do? Who would you target and why? look into the future and expound upon the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal with respect to Qatar’s branding strategy as well as local and international public opinion and academic […]

describe a painting from the Italian Renaissance assignment

Please make sure to choose a painting that shows the new spirit in painting developed in the Renaissance. describe how the form of the figures indicate the influence of the classical world on the Renaissance artist. What about the general composition of the painting- is it organized in a way that shows it is from […]

Wild Tales movie review

Watch WIld Tales 2014movie link https://www.goojara.to/mdnBEdPrepare a short outline with one sentence describing the ideology of the film, and spelling out at least 10 details, large or small, that support your statement. Remember that “ideology” refers to the system of ideas and idealsnot the theme or thesis of a film. Please refer to the lecture […]


Elizabeth Bell discusses three specific body types personified in Disney animated films, particularly prevalent in Princess films. Identify and summarize Bells body image paradigm and choose three (3) of the animated Disney films presented in class; analyze and evaluate their characters based on Bells ideas. Give specific examples to support your answers. Summarize Susan Jeffords’ […]

The Social Network

In the film, Erica Albright angrily tells Mark Zuckerburg, the internet is not  written in pencil, Mark, it is written in ink.  What did she suggest by this remark? In light of the recent rise of political conspiracy groups such as “Stop The Steal” – which have been linked to violent plots and protests against […]

Art History

Part A    In this first portion of the assignment you are asked to analyze the iconography of the artworks listed below. Defined in the textbook, iconography is an understanding of the subject matter and symbols of an artwork (Stokstad and Cothern, 2016, pg. 6).  Based on your understanding of the cultures and time periods, analyze […]

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