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Archive for the ‘Computer Science’ Category

How to succeed in IT field

To position yourself in the best possible way to succeed in your career field, you need to start researching your professional development now. As part of this, focus on the voluntary professional certifications (McKillip, 2000) your career field offers it’s professionals. First, consider what career you want to have. Second, visit Monster.com and search for […]

Cloud Computing

Assignment This is a short paper that requires you to study the provided scenario, research its questions/problems, and provide analysis and recommendations.Scenario “Your Tire Company” (YTC) has 75 locations across nine western states. The new CEO of YTC wants to modernize their supply chain and customer management systems. She has heard of “cloud computing” and […]

Surveillance Capitalism

Instructions for the paper are in the attachment called “Article Review 1 Spring 2021”. Two positions to take are included in this document. Please take position 1 (The collection of data and how it is used has gone too far and needs to be regulated to some extent.) The article that is needed for referencing […]

Big Data

The term is used to denote the large volume of data, which is quite complex to handle easily. The data can be well-structured or unstructured. If the data is highly organized, then it is called as well-structured, but if it is not held, then it is said as informal.

Enterprise System Recommendation

SugarCubedSquared, Inc. manufactures candy in Riyadh and distributes its products throughout the KSA. The organization has over 300 employees in three locations. Its functional business units currently work in silos, with data pertaining to their various departments held in separate, legacy systems. The companys revenues are growing, and it has an online retail site. As […]

Emerging Technologies

For this assessment you will read the attached case study, which presents the existing technology and needs of a fictional organization. You will propose an emerging technology solution that will benefit the organization in the case study. You will need to discuss the impacts of this technology within the context of the organization. REQUIREMENTSYour submission […]


Some ingredients are supplied and some are custom made in-house. The custom madeingredients consist of other ingredients which are supplied by suppliers. Create a revised ERDto reflect the two types of ingredients. You do not need to create the set of relations for this.


1-Executive summary2. Introductiona. Start broadly and then focus towards the end of the introduction to identify youri. focus andii. objectives(Format: A4, 12-size font, Times New Roman, single space, pagination) on an Industry 4.0 just a summary and introduction no conclusion needed

Aligning IT Strategies to Business Strategies

Aligning IT Strategies to Business Strategies (115 points) After reviewing the material for this module, research a real-world case in which an organization aligned its IT strategy with its business strategy. Address the following in a research report: How did the organization align IT strategies with business objectives?What were the benefits of the alignment?What were […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Assignment for this week is to read pages EX3-1 EX3-60, submit In the Lab Page EX3-65. It is due on Monday, March 22 at 11:59 PM. This chapter focuses on how to perform a “What If Analysis?”. Additional emphasis is also placed on the production of professional looking spreadsheets as well as on ease of […]

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