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Archive for the ‘Economics’ Category

World Economies Comparison Presentation

Prepare a 12- to 16-slide presentation for the two economies assigned to your team. Team C: South Korea vs North Korea (Two polar economic opposites, one people) Research each economy assigned to your Team. Compare similarities and differences between your assigned countries/economies and how their economic, political, and cultural development since 1992 has influenced their […]

Benefits of Open Trade

Discuss non-monetary benefits open trade has contributed to the world since the end of WWII. Provide at least 2 examples. Why do you think these are important?How have changes to US trade and tariff policies affected US trade with other nations? Consider recent (less than 2 years old) credible news sources to support your response.

comparative analysis between the Great Depression and the Great Recession

the topic of my final research paper is (comparative analysis between the Great Depression and the Great Recession) and I have already finished my research proposal, which is the file (jinrui,li_v00928771) just continue to write on based on my proposal I have completed so far.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Directions: Go to the Freakonomics website:https://freakonomics.com/archive/ (Links to an external site.)Find an episode of interest.Make sure that the topic you choose is related to Macroeconomics.  Most of the episodes are micro rather than macro, but there are still many to choose from such as;Does anyone really know what Socialism is? (#408)America’s hidden duopoly (the Democrats […]

3-2 Simulation Checkpoint Assignment

Overview The Simulation Checkpoint Assignment in this course directly supports your success on the course project. You will play the simulation game, create the image file of your simulation report, and discuss learned concepts and experiences in your submission.Prompt For this assignment, you will play the first run of the Macroeconomics Simulation: Econland from Harvard […]

Import and Export

1. What is the top product imported into your state? What is the top product exported by your state? -Indiana is my state and please use the links below as a reference IMPORT – https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/state/data/imports/in.htmlEXPORT – https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/state/data/in.html 2. Using the important verbiage of comparative advantage and absolute advantage, why are these 25 products the ones […]


The outline intends to prepare you for your final research paper. It will develop your ability to pursue library research. It must show that you have selected an appropriate topic (based upon your interest and relevant to class readings and topics) and have begun to organize your thoughts and to write logically. The outline must […]

Culinary Arts – Breakfast Proteins

Which of the proteins listed above are plant-based? Beans are the winner here, and they are an amazing addition to any meal. Have you ever had beans at breakfast? Today, you’ll be researching other plant-based proteins (especially those that you may not be familiar with) that you can add to breakfast.  Plant-based proteins are lower […]

keynesian model

Students are required to write a short paper (3 to 4 pages) summarizing an economic article (of their choice) on a topic related to those covered in class (fiscal policy, monetary policy, business cycle fluctuations,).  The goal of the assignment is to read the paper and try to understand its (research) question and its conclusion […]

The lack of women in positions of power

Provide enough information to brainstorm ideas and lead discussion.a.    A one-page summary of your topic (this should include why you care).b.    several discussion prompts or questions, to lead a 10-15 minute discussion with your colleagues. c.    Include any links or citations you used for your summary.

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