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Archive for the ‘Engineering’ Category

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I’m applying for Virginia tech as a graduate student, my major is architecture, and they asked me to write a two-page paper. Why do you want to undertake graduate work?Why do you qualify to pursue a graduate degree at Virginia Tech?What do you expect to derive from your program of study?If you have a concentration […]

Electrical engineering

Make up a story that talks about why have I chosen engineering and why electrical engineering Why have I chosen Texas A&M university at Qatarwho has greatly impacted who I am? And that | am inspired by one of the greatest electrical engineering (choose one)Describe that maths physics and chemistry at school had changed my […]

Audio Signals Processing

For the attached document, explain how each feature can be applied to obtain a plot graph or results. is there functions/equations to be used? what data should be provided to process using the subjected feature? (Audio graph or Amplitude x Time graph)

Frequency/Audio signal processing

*This is not a report kind of research. No intro, body, conclusion required* I am asking for a list of signal processing features for  an audio based graph. For the audio graph, list as much signal processes with a brief description and why it’s important for audio based graphs. I am currently working on a […]

Training Plan & Communications

Referencing the attached case study (BOLDFlash) along with the attached Areas of Focus and Framework paper, submit a written report in which you discuss how you will approach training the Mobile Division management team and communicating the new guidelines to existing employees. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:1) Training Plan: Communication – determine […]


I am supposed to research about “Study and Design Pouring Patterns to resist Flexural Loading” of the 3d printing I added a pdf that has all the highlighted parts that might help if you paraphrase and add an in text citation this link will also help toohttps://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40996-020-00370-4https://openprairie.sdstate.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3508&context=etd

Science and Technology

For your final essay, I want you to write a historically-based, persuasive paper on the topic: “What should American science and technology policy look like in the 21st century?” For this paper I would like you to make reference to topics, cultures, and “modes of science and technology” (e.g. “Babylonian,” “Hellenic,” etc.) from the entire […]

Statement of Purpose

I am applying to some prestigious master’s programs in the US, and I hope you could revise or rewrite my average personal statement into a paper that admission committees would love to see! Some basic background: I am an intl student, I went to a community college first, with a major in Chemical Engineering, and […]


This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s): SC200-4: Analyze how technology has driven scientific progress throughout history. Science and Technology Science is the study of how the universe works using the scientific method as a framework for asking questions. Throughout history, humans have built-up a body of scientific knowledge and have used this knowledge to […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I would like you to provide a research proposal plan of how the sea level rise is affecting the waterfront properties of Miami Beach, please make sure to get good sources and consider the following questions in the proposal itself. If there is something unclear please contact me.     What was the starting question?    What […]

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