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Archive for the ‘English and Literature’ Category

William Shakespeares Othello and Jamaica Kincaids A Small Place

In this essay, your task is to construct an argument supported by textual evidence, close reading, and historical contextabout figures from two different texts that struggle against the status quo and strive for change. Your essay should address both the causes and contexts of these two characters struggles: how and why they strive for changes. […]

Informative Speech Outlines- Adopt dont shop

INFORMATIVE SPEECH: Remember you are educating your audience, not persuading them to whatever your opinion on the topic is. Simply provide information. To do that ethically and credibly, you need to have research and references. You also need to have a visual aid. You will be handing in an outline and you should have a […]

Transportation Management

My major is in Transportation and Logistics Management. Assignment InstructionsInstructions: Using a minimum of 7 credible sources, with at least 4 sources coming from peer-reviewed journals taken from the APUS library, write a research paper about a topic related to your major or intended career, which follows the problem-solution strategy. The paper must be original […]

Writing a Career Analysis Research Paper on journalism

1. One inch margins on all sides 2. 12 pt font size 3. Times New Roman font style 4. Effective use of headings and subheadings 5. Formal outline, the text, and a “Works Cited” pagealso include if possible the opportunities of journalism as a career

Week 8 Writing A Qualitative Assignment

Assignment: Methodology: Reliability and Validity FactorsThe key to developing a quality Prospectus, Proposal, and Dissertation is that all components must be aligned, with a logical flow of ideas from one section to the next. In other words, your population and sampling plan must be logically connect withgoing back– your methodology, research design, research questions, purpose, […]

Week 8 Writing A Qualitative Discussion

Discussion: Walden Universitys IRB Review of your ProposalSome of your Week 6 Learning Resources and Week 6 Discussion 1 focused on the role of the IRB and your responsibilities for addressing ethical issues in your proposed research. In Week 7, you completed Part I (of II) of the Nature of the Study:  You have created […]

Week 8 Advanced Qualitative Workshop

Workshop: Qualitative Research Workshop: Week 8Note: This weeks Workshop is scheduled for later in the week than most Workshops in the course. This is to allow you the opportunity to complete the participant recruitment and interview steps and then reflect on your experience in the Workshop environment. If you are collecting phone or face-to-face interviews, […]

Travel, living, or working experiences in your own or other communities (500 words limit)

Hi Dancingbear.  You worked on my essay recently.  It was about the music lesson.  This is another version  responding to the same prompt.  My advisor likes this one better than the music essay. However, she commented: “I actually think I like the flower shop one more than the music essay. This is really well written […]


1. Submit two paragraphs from the interview portion of your paper #2 . 2. You will respond to the previous student post suggesting where the paragraph may need to be stronger, what works and what’s not working.  Be thoughtful and respectful with your comments. This is a chance to help a classmate  or to congratulate […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You will write a short (5 pages, double spaced) essay in which you will advance a clear argument (thesis) about  The Things They Carried-OBrien. You will use one of the essay prompts listed below as a springboard in developing your thesis. Your thesis must be supported with textual evidence (quotations) and some close analysis (close […]

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