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Archive for the ‘English and Literature’ Category

Ethical behavior

InstructionsThis assignment involves relating ethical behaviors in high-profile events, as well as examining regulatory and sustainability market approaches to business’s environmental responsibilities. Read each of the following questions before answering each one within a Word document.Based on the response to Hurricane Katrina, what is the relationship between inefficiency and ethical behavior for leaders? How could […]

analyzing argument essay

Here is two given article , prompt and my previous written essay. I want you to read the previous essay comments in pdf and write and essay about it. You can either fix the essay or rewrite it as in the feedback part. I want you the write an introduction( +thesis)+ 3 body paragraphs + […]

Evolving Science

Instructions:Science and Technology play a central role in assuring our survival and enormous success as a species. However, your readings for this week point out that this progress is the product of contentious debates, competing world views, and revolutionary paradigm shifts. Over time, certain views do eventually prevail. Genetically evolved technology is based, in part, […]

Analyze a scene from the Road

Analyze the scene with the thief on pages 255-260 what is the significance of this scene to the chapter or novel as a whole? create a solid thesis of the significance and use direct quotes and examples from the novel to back up this thesis, 250 words is acceptable. Less than 10% quotations

Should Americans continue to celebrate Thanksgiving? Why? Why not? (Under what conditions?)

This is an essay that i need to have done it doesnt have to be perfect but to at least answer all the questions asked by the one that was chosen and whatever it is asking it is actually 1200 words but if you can only do 1100 then thats ok.

Personal Essay

Personal Essay with thesis supported by narrative anecdotes in the body paragraphs Write a personal essay (use first person) about a subject that you feel strongly about but that you have personal experience with. (Include at least three narrative anecdotes in three separate body paragraphs that would illustrate your thesis or controlling idea.) Use the […]

Make tree diagram

Post tree diagram (activity outlined in “Summary” recorded slides) for “Forms of Mobilizations” section of Martinez- et al.’s article (pp. 737-8) below. Tip: you can draw your tree diagram on paper and upload it as a PDF/image or you could use Word/PowerPoint or another application to construct it and attach or embed it in your […]

Identifications — Deep Survival

You will write two separate identifications,  at least 2-3 paragraphs each, about one-to-two full pages, double-spaced, demonstrating your knowledge and thoughtfulness, using full and supported paragraphs. In order to earn the highest/most credit, aim at fullness and clarity; your identifications should connect the item with the arguments and/or information and/or context as appropriate to demonstrate […]

the pedagogy of the oppressed

Word cited Here is a start to the essay: When reading The Pedagogy of the Oppressed the focus for me and what im getting from it is Education and understanding Freire’s theory on it. Freire views eucation differently than most teachers. In a traditional classroom they are set up with the teacher lecturing and the […]

The Mt. Hood Accident.

You will be writing on Laurence Gonzales’ Deep Survival in a way that will combine the focused and the comprehensive. This is not a research paper; it is an analytical essay-examination.Topic One: The Mt. Hood Accident.Laurence Gonzales devotes two chapters to his treatment of the Mt. Hood climbersChapters 6 and 7which raises the questions: What […]

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