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Archive for the ‘History’ Category

History questions

Which queen had the shortest reign of Henry VIIIs six wives?In 16th-century Japan, who was Yasuke?Who wrote the 12th-century account Historia regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain), which is often credited with making the legend of King Arthur popular?It is thought that Harriet Tubman directly rescued around 300 people from slavery and […]

The Art of Political Murder Film Review

Write a film review that evaluates the historical merits of the movie “The Art of Political Murder”. 1) What was the argument or main idea of the film with regard to its historical topic?2) How accurate was the filmic representation of historical themes? What did the film get right or wrong?3) How have reviewers critiqued […]


Write it yourself – mention things we’ve discussed in class or use your own relevant examples. A good strategy is to base your answer somehow on the slides we went through and add examples. Answers that have nothing at all to do with the slides or anything we’ve discussed in class are unlikely to get […]

Chapters Review Questions

Book Name: The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke          By Andrew Lawler Read : PART THREE: Chapter 12-Chapter 15Chapter 12 : Whos Afraid of Virginia Dare?Chapter 13 :  Swamp Saints and RenegadesChapter 14 : Return to RoanokeChapter 15 : An Old Buck Christmas Written […]


Begin by going to the ACLU website.    What is the mission of this organization?    Click on Issues. You will see several campaigns listed. Choose one and read the background material, including some of the additional resources (Current Issues and The Latest news/press releases.) Why is the ACLU so concerned about this issue? Summarize two current […]

South Asia

Choose the question you are comfortable with Section 1: Please choose one of the following questions and write a one- one and a half page response essay. 50 points 1. “Our enemies, among whom I regret to say, there are still some Muslims, have set about actively encouraging provincialism in the hope of weakening Pakistan, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

A regular essay on the movie  comparing and contrasting the assigned Plutarch life of Alexander . Please answer the questions in the file . Thats the essay answering the questions in the file and a brief back ground before answering the questions in an essay form please

urban culture

Read and listen the uploaded materials and write a brief summary of this unit, including the following: City sounds San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, NYC Go-go music Graffiti Skyscraper Heidelberg project Sports and stadiums, Little Caesars Area (LCA) Film noir Hong Kong Cinema Bollywood Nollywood Include at least 1 citation from each: Turley Lornell Either Go-go […]

Comparative paper proposal SEM

Submit a paper proposal  for your comparative paper.Set out the context of the topic of your paper in thinking comparatively about two similar or dissimilar writers, themes, ideas, perspectives that we have encountered and analyzed throughout the course.You must address at least one reading or media we have discussed in the course, and you are […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer each question below in short answer format. Be sure to answer each component of each question. 1. Why do many historians consider the Reconstruction Era a major reform period in American History? What were some of its successful reforms and what were some of its shortcomings? 2. List at least 3 examples that show […]

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