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Archive for the ‘History’ Category

Spanish and Portuguese

These are the professors instructions below. You need to choose ONE option below: 1. The goals and effectiveness of Spanish vs Portuguese settlement overall 2. The effectiveness of administrative vs church authority in Spanish settlements 3. The effectiveness of administrative vs church authority in Brazilian settlements 4. The effectiveness of administrative OR church authority in […]

How WWII began

Write an essay to explain a process. Explain how to do or make something that a reader can duplicate; or how something is made or done, even though you do not expect a reader to be able to carry out; or how to fix or change something like a problem or an injustice. Look at […]

To what extent did radio propaganda influence the opinions of citizens in Nazi Germany?

This is for the Extended Project Qualification, requires a full bibliography of sources as well as in text referencing, preferred use of sources such as JStor, and other educational databases. Essay should reference post and pre 1933 and look at the growth and effect of radio in Germany under the Nazis.

Depicting how during the Italian Renaissance rulers used religion as a tool than an actual faith.

Be analytical about how Jacob Burkhart believed religion was intertwined with politics. My thought was to point out how rulers were using religion as a strategic tool rather than trusting it completely before the renaissance. As well as pointing out the dynamic between religion and politics during the Renaissance. The syllabus can better explain what […]

Connecting the Past #1

Using the Chapter 18 documents Women and Economics and The Workingmans Conception of Industrial Liberty, discuss the experiences of the working class from 1890-1917. What things did each author consider necessary for workers to be free? Did women have the same issues as male workers, or did they have additional concerns? Have conditions for workers […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Historians are always trying to understand the causes and consequences. Causes tell us how things happened (or changed) and consequences indicate the size and scope of the change. One would expect the biggest changes to have the biggest consequences. What would you say were the three most important changes that occurred from 8000 BCE to […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1. listen to the following radio broadcast (Think broadcast) that addresses many of the issues of contact and conquest we are discussing and address the related questions. 2. Read the various local news coverage of the Alamo and the burial grounds and address the related questions. 3. My overall goal is for you to reflect […]

Film pitch about a viral outbreak in 18th century

The year is 2020. Since COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, Hollywood has become very interested in producing films about contagion, epidemics, and disease. You are a young filmmaker who majored in History at CU Boulder. You have an idea to pitch a historical film that tells the story of a viral outbreak in the […]

make a movie

For this assignment, I want you to put on your creative thinking hat. Imagine that your are a movie producer or a screenwriter. A major Hollywood studio (or a streaming service like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime) has approached you and given you the green light to write and produce either a historical movie or a historical television […]

Sources in History: School Begins

In one page double-spaced, please answer the following questions.Provide a Works Cited section to list the resources you used in completing this assignment. 1. Who are the “new students” in this political cartoon? How do they compare to some of the other students? 2. How does this cartoon’s message compare to your textbook reading on […]

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