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Archive for the ‘History’ Category

Roman Emperor Commodus

RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONSYou will write a 46-page research-based paper (not counting title page and bibliography) focusing on the portrayal of the Roman Emperor Commodus (and/or the state of the Roman Empire during his reign) in film versus his portrayal by contemporaries and scholars. In addition to the Gary North review (found in the Reading & […]

Forum 2 SEM

forum “2” – David Grossman: Individual Language and Mass Language In Grossmans essay Individual Language and Mass Language in Writing in the Dark it is important to think on such citations: And perhaps, then, this is the great question that people living in this age must relentlessly ask themselves: In what state, at which moment, […]

Jerzy Grotowski

Theorist Presentation about Jerzy Grotowski.     REQUIRED ELEMENTSFoundational Focus: Purpose: artistic and socio-political (if applicable);Cultural influence and/or historic background; andLanguage and terminology necessary to understand the techniques or methodologies.Examples: Audio and visual images to support work i.e. influences; and  Examples of works:  plays, video excerpts, audio excerpts.Technique:Skills required of the actor. Be specific and distinguish […]

Modern U.S. History

Written over 50 years apart, what are the similarities and/or differences that Baldwin and Coates experienced?  How did their experiences shape their outlook of America?  From their writings, what can one deduce about the Black experience in America?  Include direct quotes from the essays to support your argument.


Please review “What They Said: Virginians Debate the Constitution” in Chapter 6 of your textbook. Drawing from what you’ve learned about Federalists and Anti-Federalists from your weekly lesson and discussion thread, as well as what you learned in Week 1 about intellectual history, please describe what you think intellectual history is and how it differs […]

Peers forum 1

Pose two questions in response to at least two different posts.  Your questions should be very specific as to what you are asking or critiquing in regard to anothers post and also as to what further points of elucidation or clarification you are situating in your questions.Respond to at least two other posts in the […]

Discussion on Required Material for Week 2-Do this required discussion first

Can this just be re write your in different words please and in the subject line, place a creative, enticing title, the question number, and the answer. Good evening peers,For this week’s forum I will be elaborating on question number 2, Legislation “is powerless to eradicate racial instincts or to abolish distinctions based upon physical […]

The Mothman

In the document below this in the module, which was compiled from several popular online sources that all contend that the Mothman is real, there are a number of key points that are often found in descriptions of other paranormal phenomena, many of which have little or nothing to do with the events of Point […]


1. Give a brief introduction of what you will be discussing. Who or what is Bigfoot or Sasquatch and give a very basic history of this creature. 2. Make your claim. Could Bigfoot actually be real or is it nothing more than a myth? 3. This will be the bulk of your essay explain what […]

American Legal History

Please respond to the following 2 questions in essay format. Each question should be answered in 2 pages each. You must use references to historical developments and quotations from the provideddocuments to support your responses. Every response should incorporate evidence inthe form of quotations. You MUST use the documents I provided and cite them in […]

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