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Archive for the ‘History’ Category

Undocumented Immigration and Immigration Policy

Undocumented Latino immigration has been one of the most divisive political issues in recent years. The issue of undocumented Latino immigration, however, is a longstanding issue that goes back to the mid-twentieth century. In your paper, describe the roots of undocumented Latino immigration to the United States. In addition, identify some of the key reforms […]

Flapper Essay Assignment

After a thorough reading of Flapper, you will prepare an essay that addresses at least three of the following topics or themes: a.    Fashion            b. Drinking (of alcohol)b.    Literature            d.  African American womene.  Sexuality            f.  Shoppingg.  Movies                h.  Advertising     At the core of the essay […]


Answer the questions on the worksheet attached. All of these questions combined will amount to around the 275 one page essay limit because these are mostly simple short answers. – Use the SEARCH Tool at https://www.nga.gov/ (Links to an external site.) – Answer ALL Questions about each Work of Art Thoroughly, completely & accurately – […]

The Plague/Black Death History

Pls see directions sheet. Reaction Paper Guidelines: – Read entire reading selection – Use Specific Terms & Suggested Analyses. – 1 Page Minimum, can be more than 1 page, but MUST fill up an entire page. – Font Size 12 or smaller.  Do NOT adjust fonts, margins or spacing. – Only Your NAME is required […]

The Aeneid

See directions sheet attached pls. Aeneid Terms to use in paper: (MUST include at least 5-7 specific terms used correctly)Aeneid:Trojan War, Virgil, Caesar Augustus, Greco-Roman, Roman Empire, Patrician, Plebe, Forum, Polytheism Reaction Paper Guidelines: – Read entire reading selection – Use Specific Terms & Suggested Analyses. – 1 Page Minimum, can be more than 1 […]


During the 1700s, the English colonies along the coast of North America developed into some of the wealthiest and most populated European colonies in the Western Hemisphere.  British domination of the world trade provided the American colonies with goods from around the world and very little government oversight from England.  Following the British victory in […]


In 1803, Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the country through the Louisianaa Purchase.  At that time, Jefferson exclaimed that it would take Americans a hundred generations to fill up the country.  Over the next fifty years, the United States also gained nearly a million more square miles of territory from Mexico.  By 1890, barely […]

his 3

search for and select an artifact of pro- or anti-fascist propaganda (e.g., poster, film clip, radio broadcast clip, cartoon or object) from the period 1930 to 1946  Begin with an introduction and thesis statement that is your judgment of how the propaganda artifact differs from the actual course and outcome of World War II.Define the […]

American Dream for Arab immigrants

I would like an essay discussing the failure of the American dream specifically for Arabs migrating to the United States to live the American Dream. Start by discussing what the American dream is and its promises. Then how it has failed the Arabs migrating to the United States for a better life and future.


Read Boccaccio on the Black Death at: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/boccacio2.asp And Read Ibn al-Wardi on the Black Death in the Middle East at: Ibn al-Wardi.pdf Ibn al-Wardi.pdf – Alternative Formats Using these sources and your textbook, write an essay of 700-900 words answering the following questions.How does the Black Death come about?  What immediate impact did the […]

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