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Archive for the ‘Humanities’ Category


Final Essay:  Refugee witnessing brings a new perspective to the metanarrative of minorities and brings individual voices to be table.  It shifts the focus from whether the interviewees account is historically accurate to the meaning of the story and the nature of memory. During the course, we have had the privilege of listening to many […]

Leadership Roles and Skills in Program Development

For this assignment, you will examine how leadership roles and skills, including building partnerships and community collaboration, impacts program planning, design, and development. Program design and planning include understanding the culture and values of organizations (nonprofit agencies). The various leadership roles and skills (human relations, communication, conflict resolution, etc.) needed to develop programs effectively. It […]

Agency Problem Statement

Identify or create an intervention, service, program or non-profit agency that is representative of the population of your intended career related to your specialization–either Family or Community Services or Organization and Social Services. In your description, describe the type of agency that is providing the intervention, service or program, exactly what specific services are provided […]


Read the attached article and answer the following questions. DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS IN YOUR PAPER, SIMPLY NUMBER YOUR PARAGRAPHS 1-4.1-What is the overall purpose/thesis/point of the chapter/essay/article?2-How does the author(s) make their point(s)? What do they discuss? What evidence and examples do they give?3-How does the author(s) conceptualize women? feminism? Gender?4-What is your […]

Virtual Field Work Project

Designing a Fieldwork ProjectDURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS, ALL FIELDWORK IS TO BE DONE VIRTUALLY, BY VISITING THE WEBSITE OF THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY CULTURAL HALLS.Virtual Fieldwork Instructions.:1. Go the the website of the American Museum of Natural History www.amnh.org2. Click on “Exhibitions” and then scroll down to “All Permanent Exhibitions” and click on […]

Gender & Social Change: Paid Work and Women Empowerment

Essay question: Earning money may extend womens options but it also intensifies their workload and responsibilities without necessarily increasing their autonomy (Pearson, 2004: 117). Do you agree with Pearsons statement? – Agree with the statement. Please write essay that support this view. Please see the GUIDELINES file for detailed information

Tourism in San Francisco

I have already done the outline, please see attached as I need a power point presentation for it. The PowerPoint Presentation: Upload a copy of your PowerPoint Presentation for easy access in class.  via Canvas. Also, you can save for easy access on a drive (OneDrive, Google), and it is also a good idea to […]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Read the uploaded two fact sheets; Then answer the following questions:1. Describe the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. among the teen and young adult population.2. What are the main recommendations the CDC has to keep teens safe?3. Do you think it would be useful to give the “Information for Teens and Young […]

the migration of Sikhs in Canada during the early 1900s

You will be responsible for writing a paper (2 pages double-spaced) regarding the migration of Sikhs in Canada during the early 1900s. Please use a credible newspaper (New York Times, the Atlantic, Reuters, Associated Press, etc.) and analyze the article. -What is the article about? -Who were affected? -How did British rule affect the migration […]

writers choice

THIS ARTICLE CONSISTS OF TWO PARTS: SO TWO SEPARATE PAGES(ONE PART ON EACH PAGE)instructions:The blog post will most likely be a response to the readings, to one of the videos or songs. Or, it could perhaps be a response to the last class discussion. The goal is to read, view, or listen to this content […]

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