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Archive for the ‘Marketing’ Category

Marketing strategy

-follow strictly the individual assignment handbook.-choose one company from 8. (whatever you find more interesting)(see assignement handbook)-use theory from ppt where relevant-harvard style-READ the ppt before starting the assignment just to have an idea-do not exceed the word limit-structure of the assignment: (can be found in assignment handbook)Cover page: Module name, Company name, student name […]

Art of promoting Polish universities among foreign students

The title of the entire thesis: “Social networks as a tool of public relations for universities: analysis and recommendations for XXX University” Important! Polish university. In my work, I only focus on foreign students (not Poles). The practical part will consist in a survey among foreign students regarding how effective the university’s pages on social […]

Strategic branding in experience economy

Please read the three articles posted on itslearning and prepare an essay by discussing their main takes in terms of strategic branding within the framework of experiential marketing. Make references to the concepts and topics tackled during lectures.  Please upload your answer document (between min. 3- max. 5 pages long, 12 Size, Times New Roman, […]

Media Paper Proposal

You can pick any topic related to media history and theory so long as you can relate it to the ideas and themes of this class. This gives you tremendous latitude to pick a topic you are excited to study in more detail, be it a specific media text (i.e. a film, TV show, or […]

Media Forum Post

Richard Dyer’s essay argues, “We need to recognise white as a colour too” (p. 11). Drawing on Dyer, discuss how we might apply this notion to media. What is a particular media text (be it a film, television show, video game, etc.) that elucidates whiteness as a racial category? Alternately, what is a media text […]

focus on how we use data and AI as marketers.

focus on how we use data and AI as marketers. Based on your readings, additional research, and what you know so far write an opinion blog on these topics using the questions below as your guidelineSupport your opinion with links to your sources!!!**** The Title Must Be A Question !!!You will answer this question in […]

Consumption Journal/report

IntroductionThe purpose of this project is to help you relate consumer behavior principles to your own consumption experiences and enhance your self-knowledge and understanding of your behavior in the marketplace. This assignment enables you to not only observe and record your own consumption experiences, but also analyze the factors which might be influencing your buying […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1. Format: Open Books and Open Notes. 2. Download the CMST_301_FinalExamV2.docx file attached to this assignment.    * Type your responses to the essay questions directly in the attached exam    3. You must answer 4 essay questions. Be sure you organize your response covering all the aspects of the questions. 4. Length Requirement: Each essay response is required to be at least […]

why a manager might combine the use of marketing analytics with qualitative research into customer

This week we explore aspects of analytics applied in Marketing. Explain why a manager might combine the use of marketing analytics with qualitative research into customer behaviour. Use examples to illustrate. Remember to reference your sources. This must be your original work. Any paper with academic integrity issues will be reported. No late submissions will […]


Every day on Social Media you are subject to targeted direct marketing appeals. These may be based on  web pages you visited, searches youve done, brands you follow, shopping carts youve abandoned, and sometimes, even creepier, things youve talked about. Youve probably found that certain ads follow you around the Internet wherever you go whether […]

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