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Archive for the ‘Marketing’ Category

ability to apply marketing research concepts, theories and principles for the three topics listed below: I. Research Process II. Research Design III. Measurement/Questionnaire Design

ability to apply marketing research concepts, theories and principles for the three topics listed below: I.  Research ProcessII.  Research DesignIII.  Measurement/Questionnaire DesignShort answer questions will assess: i) knowledge of research concepts, theory and principles; ii) ability to make decisions about research methods and defend trade-offs implied by these decisions; and 3) ability to link insights […]

Muckraking/Alternative-Independent Media Mini Paper

Choose a contemporary independent-alternative media muckraker. Then, using the course materials, lectures and outside readings, you will research your chosen subject, their efforts and challenges, and write a 3 to 4-page paper in the APA style (including a title page, in-text citations and references) Submit to canvas by Friday, October 23 at 11:59 PM EST. […]

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What kinds of things have you learned through the process of classical conditioning, operation conditioning, and observational learning? How did you learn them? Be sure to include examples. Instructions: Your answers to the questions should be 4 -5 pages (total not each), be in APA format, use outside research and represent overall college level work. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Base on the PPT give a one paragragh max 2 paragragh Email Response “Hi there, Back in my days, we used to just mail in coupons and get results. There wasnt all this emotional, aesthetic-building fluff just great products at low prices. Whats the point of doing all this storytelling anyway? “

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You may introduce concrete historical examples to substantiate your answers.Essay Question: Elizabeth Eisenstein challenged standard histories of the Renaissance by highlighting the impact of the printing press as an agent of change. Compose an essay conveying your best understanding of Eisensteins argument as it relates to printing. In your explanation, draw on at least three […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Applying Schwarz’ Values to Segment Customers 1. Pick a brand. 2. Apply Schwarz’ basic values and associated goals and the four main groups of motivations 3. How could you use the motivational groups to segment customers for your chosen brand? Do the brand’s customers fall neatly into one of the four categories? Or two, three, […]

Project – Principles of Marketing

– Please Follow the instructions and Attached document.– Country is United Arab Emirates. Assignments Purpose To encourage students to work in a team and propose a marketing plan which is suitable for a product or service. This includes the process of adapting the marketing mix to the environment and applying profitable strategies. InstructionsYou are required […]

Online Ads Targeting You

Discussion Response Consider that you visit an online store you have visited before. You quickly notice a welcome back message at the top of your page. You make a purchase: a fine set of grilling utensils.  The next time you open your browser, ads shown in the sidebar included gas grills and accessories as well […]

Choosing and Using Products

Discussion Response Failing to influence consumers can have devastating consequences for businesses.  In this module we are exploring some of the challenges involved in influencing consumers in a way that is favorable. Develop a main response, in which you address the following: Given what you know about consumer behavior and marketing strategy, why is it […]

Burberry and Nokia Case Study

This is related to Marketing for Managers Subject Each Answer must be 1 page and very preciously written.No Grammarly mistakes no plagiarism, Ph.D. level work. Please ensure high-quality work.There are 6 answers and all answers should be 1 page and must be written separately in each page Burberry In 2014, and, Burberrys New ChallengesNokia Case […]

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