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Archive for the ‘Marketing’ Category


Paper Instructions:  For this Module 1 SLP Assignment, you are required to apply application to Product/Service- “Women’s foundation Make-up”. Research is required. The written assignment requires an Intro (2-3 sentences), Body, Conclusion (2-3sentences), in-text citations and References, written in third person. Please show clearly in the written report the topics from the Mod1SLP being answered […]


InstructionsFor this assignment, you will utilize the sports product, service, or event that you selected in Unit I, and you will address the prompts below in a two-page essay.Identify the concepts and strategies utilized in the pricing of your sports product, service, or event.Identify pricing concepts and strategies that will promote your sports product, service, […]


InstructionsIn Unit V, you selected your favorite brand( JORDAN BRAND) and described the reasons why this brand is so appealing to you. For this assignment, you will use your favorite brand to create an analysis that identifies the strategic direction of price and promotion.In this assignment, you will research and provide pricing examples that compare […]

Sports Marketing

Sports Sponsorship ProgramFor this assignment, you will write an essay with a strong introduction to propose and plan a sponsorship program that will promote the sports product, service, or event that you selected in Unit I.Utilize Chapter 11 and Figure 11.1 on page 442 of the textbook to describe and explain the elements of the […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You must answer any 2 questions of the 4 questions provided by Marketing Management. Approximately 1000 – 1250 words per question. If needed, use in-text citation. Question 1Critically discuss the benefits that building brand equity brings to the customer and the company marketing the brand. Illustrate your answer with examples.And/OrQuestion 2 Explore the value of […]

International Marketing Advert Blog Post

Given recent events, many activities, including education, is shifting towards digital age. You are invited as a guest blogger to share your expertise on one of the marketing-blogs. Your task is to choose a short video advertisement of a global brand (Apple, IKEA, Nike, etc.) related to Covid-19 pandemic and provide a consultation of the […]

Marketing plan

Come with a detailed marketing plan for our unique “Smart Smoke Detector” Product : A smoke detector that can be turned off using voice recognition. Most smoke detectors go on when it detects the slightest abnormal sign of smoke in its vicinity. This problematic behavior is always unpleasant when the smoke is not an emergency. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

A presentation has the power to share an idea, to persuade an audience, to start a movement, and to change the world. Effectively communicating an idea through the spoken word is what makes businesses and careers successful. Instructions After completing your Module 6 Readings and Lessons, visit TED.com (Links to an external site.). According to […]


INTRODUCTIONMarketing managers for global organizations are often asked to evaluate the feasibility of new products and services and predict their profitability for the organization. For this task, you will select a business that would like to develop new products and services in order to attain a competitive advantage in the global market. You will first […]

increase the elephant population

There is a decline in the elephant population in a specific area in Africa. You are an activist trying increase the elephant population. You are required to present a proposed solution to this problem. Create a proposal to solve this elephant problem. Please include the following: Background Information. (Describe the main biome where elephants are […]

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