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Archive for the ‘Psychology and Education’ Category

Answer the questions.

The answers to the questions are from Chapter 7 (Sexual Selection), Chapter 13 (Communication), Chapter 16 (Play), and Chapter 17 (Personality) of the textbook. You must NOT access other sources. Your answers must be yours – your own thinking, and in your own words. For each of your responses be sure to explain your reasoning. […]

Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, and Observational Learning (Vicarious Conditioning).

this Discussion is based on Chapter #4 Learning – Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, and Observational Learning (Vicarious Conditioning). Step #1: students MUST view and listen to the videos provided and review Chapter #4 from the book and/or the pertaining Power Point for Chapter #4 Step #2: students MUST write a minimum of one paragraph with […]

Journal Research

Not all research is created equally.  Your textbook discusses what to look for in an article to determine if it is reliable and good research (if you can trust it!) from an academic perspective.  One way is to find reliable journals you know have a strong peer review process for all submitted manuscripts.  With this […]

reading response

REQUIREMENTS: For this assignment, please choose two concepts to define and reflect on. Note: you can choose concepts from more than one chapter if you wish. FOR EACH CONCEPT Name the concept and which chapter it comes from Describe/define the concept,Describe why you chose it, and thenExplain why it matters. What can we learn from […]

Describe in your best opinion how the effects of COVID 19 will effect the future of education.”

Your reflection topic will be “Describe in your best opinion how the effects of COVID 19 will effect the future of education.”  In this unforeseen time our education was directly and indirectly effected by this pandemic.  Schools on all levels were disrupted, halted, or continued virtually. Answer the above question in your own words.Your paper […]

Discussion: Research Methods

Individual Post (click reply at the bottom of these instructions).  Please number your answers.Select a topic (choose one): Social Media Use and Mood  OR  Exercise and Mental Health1.    Which topic area did you select?2.    How do you think these two variables are related? State in terms of a correlation.3.    Identify how you could study this […]

Psychology: The Impact of Socialization on Behavior

Respond to the following post by incorporating material from the readings. This means that you utilize concepts, theories, and/or research findings from the weeks readings.  You can also include other resources if you they are helpful.  Be sure to include in-text citations and a reference list in APA style.  There is no set length because […]

Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families

Annotated BibliographyEach student will be required to select a topic of individual interest from the material covered in the text in anticipation of conducting research on the matter.  Upon selecting a topic, the student must then conduct library research to learn more about the matter from an academic perspective.  In addition to the information provided […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Week 6 – Assignment: Analyzing the Scope of Violence in Sport Previous  Next InstructionsIn a paper, research and discuss factors pertaining to violence among athletes and, by extension, in organized sports. Reference at least three (3) supplemental resources found through the Northcentral University library in your paper. Seek information on the following key points: The […]


Week 5 – Assignment: Creating a Focus Plan Previous  Next InstructionsYou will create a simplified Focus Plan during this week. After reading the text and doing additional research, write a paper that creates a specific focus plan for athletes in your sport. Include the following inyour paper: A discussion on imagery, as well as thinking, […]

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