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Archive for the ‘Psychology and Education’ Category

Scholarship Essay/Education PhD

1.    Describe how you plan to use your education (masters and/or doctoral degree) to better your community or help others to help themselves, and how receiving this scholarship will help you in doing so? (750 words)2.    What would you consider one of your greatest professional successes? How did your success benefit your organization and its […]

Art therapy

What is the article about Agree with the author What are the weaknesses of the article What are the strengths of the articleIdentify the purpose Mention the title Mention the authorMention the thesis Include examples

biological psychology

Sheep Brain Dissection: Systems Identification ActivitySpecific aims The focus of this activity will be for you to work with your group to identify and locate structures in the sheep brain related to specific neural systems.  This process will help you learn, 1)  the anatomical location of specific structures, 2) the connections between related structures, and […]


Imagine you have been asked by your local church, synagogue, scouting group, sports team or some other community organization, to give a 15-20 minute talk about addiction. Imagine there has been some concern in the community about how to deal with the problem. Youve been asked to talk about what happens to the brain when […]


Exercise 14.1.2: DSM Controversies Why has there been so much controversy with regard to the new DSM-5?  What are the implications of a diagnosis being eliminated?  What happens when a new diagnosis is added?  Research at least one of the current controversies and outline the arguments on both sides in a two-page report. Cite your […]

ADHD in Teaching and Learning

Article Summaries: Find two articles in academic, peer-reviewed literature relevant to the course material.  Im happy to review the article before you begin work.  Your summary must follow this format and should be 3-5 double-spaced? Pages.  A complete APA citation for the article.  A brief paragraph explaining the main idea of the article (What do […]

Sleep journal

The meaning, origin, and analysis of dreams have fascinated psychologists since the inception of the field of psychology. Sigmund Freud, often referred to as the father of psychology, focused a great deal of his theoretical energy on trying to understand and interpret dreams. Contemporary psychologists are beginning to recognize the interconnectivity of human physiology and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Instructions:—- First you need to read an article then write questions below:— Format: Please copy and paste the assignment prompts into a word processing document, and record your responses beneath the prompts. Please use full sentences, appropriate grammar, and present content in your own words (i.e. do not copy and paste content from the article, […]

Anorexia Nervosa

Instructions on this assignment will be attached so you know everything you must do. My topic is anorexia and i will provide you a video that you can use for information on this assignment along with a youtube video as well and you can also use outside sources as well but may not be needed. […]

Maintaining Professional Relationships in an InterdisciplinarySetting:

2. List each of the questions below in your paper before typing your responses. Provide a paragraph response (3-5 sentences minimum) to each of the following questions: What is the purpose of this article?What is the first step in the proposed decision-making model? How is “non-behavioral treatment” defined? According to the author, why is it […]

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