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Archive for the ‘Psychology and Education’ Category

Introduction and Hypotheses

This article is mainly based on the AU Courage questionnaire, mainly discussing the way of courage through the questionnaire. I have uploaded the Methods section. Here you need to complete the introduction and HypothesesThe most important thing when citing articles is not the introduction, but the thoughts inspired by these articles


1. What makes us angry? 2. Why would many, perhaps most, people experience anger in response to the teenagers actions? (Anger is especially common when another persons misconduct seems willful, unjustified, and avoidable). 3. Is the anger that is portrayed in the clip “a short madness” (Horace) that “carries the mind away” (Virgil), “many times […]

Letter for policy changes

The letter is to persuade policymakers to make changes based on the evidence presented. I am asking the Administration to extend the eligibility for TRIO services to all students who are enrolled full-time and part time. Currently, the services are only available to full-time students. Research shows that most students who are enrolled are only […]

Discussion paper

Discussion 5 Listen to this interview  with Atul Gawande about the power of checklists. Also, he has a great book by the same name. https://youtu.be/QjhG17YbFGI Also, review the Western Michigan University Evaluation Center Evaluation Checklists.  There are many checklists here that I find helpful in my evaluation work. https://wmich.edu/evaluation/checklists Then write a discussion post regarding […]

Diet and heath

Health Psychology – “Lifestyle Assessment for Better Health” Your paper in this class will focus on the assessment of your own lifestyle and recommended changes for better health. This health analysis will cover the major areas covered in this class. You may make use of inventories and tests discovered while reading and studying for this […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Theoretical Perspectives on Parent-Child RelationsQuestions: 1. Which developmental theory/theorist do you identify most with and why? 2. What experiences from your upbringing lead you to feel this way? Or, what experiences as a parent lead you to feel this way?

Is there a pain-prone personality?

Must be an original work. Write a scholarly article in APA format containing at minimum 400 words that uses at least 4 sources. The following topic’s must be covered. Organize the topics by separating the research into the four areas below. Overview of pain Overview of personality Overview of pain-prone personality Evidence of pain-prone personality […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Paper # 1 Introduction, Recruitment & SelectionPSYC3322 Industrial Psychology, Spring 2021Approximate Page Length: 4-7 pagesTotal Point Value: 50 You MUST answer the following questions in paragraph form:1. State your job title, the name of your organization and type of organization (e.g., retail store, summer camp, restaurant, salon, hospital) for which you work(ed), and the title […]

Applying Psychology of Learning

Address these two scenarios listed below. (Clearly use headings in your post to designate which options you are addressing.) Below are the two options to be addressed Option A: A recent psychology graduate named Kaylynn is currently seeking a career position with the local community college as a marketing director.    How can her understanding of […]

Bipolar disorder

Diagnostic Criteria: Listed DSM-5 criteria appropriately and applied for disorder. Paraphrased criteria with appropriate citation in APA style. Symptoms: Identified the major symptoms that the main character experienced as appliedto diagnostic criteria, noting specific examples. Applied to the individuals situation and overall life, including strengths in coping. Etiology: Used text and other appropriate resources to […]

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