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Archive for the ‘Religion / Theology’ Category

RLGN 489-D02 Discussion Board Forum 1 Thread

Discussion Board Forum 1 ThreadIn your response, please address the following 3 items: 1.Explain how the authors of Ecologies lay out a biblical framework for understanding spiritual formation. This explanation should be 100 200 words (no less than 100 and no more than 200). 2.Identify your aha! moment from any 2 of the 4 chapters […]

GLST 220-D07 Discussion 1

Initial Thread: As we begin our study of intercultural communication and engagement, answer the following questions in your initial thread. 1.Why should we learn the Grand Narrative of Scripture in order to effectively cross cultures with the gospel?2.What is so important about cultural understanding within the context of gospel proclamation? Choose an example of Cross-cultural […]

The book of Acts

HISTORY OF RELIGION WRITING ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Through various rituals, festivals, and commemorations, religions have attempted to shape and define time by creating their own calendars. On May 31, 2020, Christians celebrated Pentecost (originally a Jewish festival–the Feast of Weeks), traditionally seen as the birthday of the Christian church. A key primary source for this birthday […]

sixth Lectio Divina

Sixth Lectio Divina (Mt 25: 31-46) Lectio1. Summary (3-5 sentences)2. Important elements (2 sentences)3. Keywords and Key concepts (2 sentences) Meditation1. What is the message and values expressed in this text? (3-5 sentences)2. What does this mean to me in my life now? (3-5 sentences) Contemplation1. Two questions that could help to reflect on this […]

RLGN 360-D02 – F1

One of the major components of teaching the Scriptures is understanding what is being communicated in the biblical text. Thus, understanding and utilizing sound principles of inductive Bible study are important foundations for teaching a Bible lesson. Using the information, skills, and tools (resources) from BIBL 360, choose one of the three following passages working […]

Religion of Islam

Question: Imagine you are a Muslim living in Iraq during the period of Umayyad rule (after Husayns assassination). Which theory of leadership would you find more persuasive: the ideal of the caliphate or the ideal of the Imamate? Why? (Be sure to support your answer with evidence from the readings.) Please answer this question correctly […]


The sacred writings are extremely important in the Abrahamic traditions. Study the principles to keep in mind when reading them in a scholarly way (rather than or in addition to a devotional manner), and then read Mirabai Starr’s reflection. Discuss how her interpretation of the story about Abraham and the idols differs from older, more […]

Critical Review

The student will write a 5-page review of Simply Christian by N. T. Wright. Your goal in reviewingthis book is to provide a brief summary and careful evaluation. A good review should include thefollowing components: 1. Identify the purpose and overall structure of the book; 2. Briefly explain some of the main points of the […]


1) Most people think in categories of this life and the life to come. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says,Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life (John 5:24) .  How […]

Mapping Trade Routes

There were 2 key international trade routes running through Israel during Old Testament times (King & Stager, pages 176-177). The first was the Way of the Sea (Isaiah 9:1 and compare Matthew 4:15) and the second was the Kings Highway (Numbers 20:11, 21:22). Download the Ancient Near East Map (linked as a PDFPreview the document […]

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