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Archive for the ‘Religion / Theology’ Category

supernatural in pop culture

this essay is on the show “the vampire diaries”. it will entail the author’s biography, the inspiration of the theme supernatural, supernatural characters, and themes explained in the show, and how accurate it is from a religious aspect. religious connections and themes in the show. lastly the critique of the presentation provided in the additional […]

Hinduism and Buddhism

1) As you have encountered Hinduism, why would you think that the Ganges River is so sacred to the people? 2) Through websites that you have explored, what is the god that intrigues you most? 3) Why would the life of Buddha be an important starting point for the study of Buddhism? Which type of […]

forum 3

I have attached all required reading to complete this assignment. Please follow the instructions, thank you!————————————————————————————————————————————–Last week you read a substantial portion of The Quest by creation biologist Dr. Todd Wood. Based on your reading, please discuss the following in a 250-word (minimum) post: 1. What did you consider to be the strongest argument that […]

Jesus: A Pilgrimage Book Review

It will be a book review of Fr. James Martin’s book, Jesus: a Pilgrimage. It is important to give a concise overall review of the book as well as concentrate closely on several topics in it; you do not have to cover every chapter; you may choose to concentrate on several chapters or themes. You […]


The essay should not just provide an overview of a particular religion, nor should it simply be an argument for why this religion is wrong from a Christian perspective. Instead, you may want to explore a topic related to a particular religious tradition such as the role of women; eschatology; attitudes towards the afterlife and […]

Writing a Parable

1.) Select a parable from the New Testament (e.g., the prodigal son, or the good Samaritan) or a story from the Old Testament (e.g., Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz; David and Goliath). You may rewrite the whole story or a specific scene(s). Some ideas are listed below. Prodigal Son : Write a conversation between the father […]

Ramadan (muslims)

3. Research Essay: 40% of final grade This assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to explore one of the religious traditions dealt with in class in more detail. You will research a topic related to a major world religious tradition and develop a cogent thesis based on the findings of your research. The […]


In this exercise, we are comparing the Salem Witch Trials and the case from West Memphis, Ak. to see what they perhaps share in common or what sets them apart from one another to shed light on the relationship(s) between religious ideologies (especially those described in Evil Incarnate) and conspiracy theories (especially as described in […]

pastoral care

Must include “Doering, Carrie, The Practice of Pastoral Care,” WJK ISBN 13 978-0-664-23840-7 as one of the resource. Use related research materials that you can utilize as much as possible. Please follow instructions and guide questions carefully to answer. Please indicate corresponding numbers.

Assignment – Week 2

Becoming a team member requires an open thought process and a willingness to cooperate. Members must be willing to participate collaboratively with a group of people to accomplish a task. Reference Book:  The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John Maxwell.Reference Book:  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.Write a 1-page response entry […]

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