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Archive for the ‘APA (edition “APA 7”)’ Category

Juvenile Offenders in Adult Court

This is a scenario-based assignment. In this scenario, you are a consultant that has been hired by your home county’s district attorney’s office. The district attorney is new, having just been elected into office. The district attorney would like a report from you on the pros and cons of charging juvenile offenders in adult court. […]

IKEA Case Analysis

The essay focused on the case analysis based on the competitive strategy course. I have attached IKEA case, writing instruction and case rubric to you. Please read the IKEA case and follow up the writing instruction and case rubricvery carefully. In the rubric, the required contents of essay could also be found. Note: Any sources […]

Exhibition critique

Please read the instruction doc. This assignment is for a teacher’s college and the course is about exploring the exhibition and museums (to increase scientific literacy, controversial issues around the various exhibition, the purpose of the exhibition, how it can be used in a science classroom). PLEASE CHOOSE 3 ARTICLES from the “articles list” pdf […]


You have to plan low-budget, cost effective learning activities for South African children in one of the following age groups (choose ONLY one age group): 6 years in Grade R, 10 years in Grade 5 OR 15 years in Grade 10 Ensure that you include the following aspects as part of the content of the […]

Nursing and Poverty

A discussion response to this: According to Seear & Ezezika (2017), approximately 15-20% of the global population suffer from a lack of access to basic essentials to live a dignified life. Despite this, in the last 30 years the global population living in extreme poverty has significantly decreased from 36% of the world surviving on […]

IKEA Case Analysis

The IKEA case (from the textbook in “Part 5: Cases & Activities” on page C-184) will be used. You are required to submit one individually prepared case write-up. You are not allowed to discuss your individual case write-up with your peers. In other words, this assignment must be an individual effort in the truest sense […]

Health Care

Case: As a health professional at MoH during the influenza outbreak, you have been asked to educate the community about the outbreak as well as means for preventing the flu.Your Role: As Country Health Department Expert.Discussion post: Respond to each of the questions supporting with scholarly resources and citations – APA 7th referencing.1.    Define and […]

Case study- education

Part of a special educators responsibilities include understanding the characteristics of the major disability categories and how the characteristics affect typical development. When conducting observations and consulting with staff who work with students with disabilities, teachers must be able to articulate the differences in development and prescribe appropriate interventions. Understanding the effect of culture and […]

Write your own Success Story

Part 1: Describe three goals that you plan to work towards that will increase your self-efficacy. Explain why you are confident that you can succeed, then explain how you plan to succeed. Be sure to provide details and any intermediate goal you may set to build up to your stretch goals.  Part 2: Explain what […]

Cultural Differences

Part 1: Explain how cultural intelligence is important for success in your workplace. Be sure to consider both personal and collaborative success. Part 2: Give an example of a cultural difference that you have observed in a co-worker. Describe how your awareness of cultural difference can be used to strengthen your relationship with your co-worker. […]

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