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Archive for the ‘APA (edition “APA 7”)’ Category


https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/03/business/smallbusiness/sugru-a-versatile-glue-from-ireland-gets-help-from-web.html?_r=0 1. What type of innovation is this? 2. What were the biggest obstacles that the Irish entrepreneur who founded Sugru faced in terms of developing and introducing it to the market? 3. What was the key success factor? 4. Are there any insights and tips from this particular case that other entrepreneurs can use […]

Quality and Safety in Practice

This assignment is designed to highlight the role you play in quality, safe patient care on a daily basis. Identify a patient care case from your own practice experience that involves quality and safety. Note: If you are not practicing or have nor practice, use a case that has received media attention or one from […]

criminal profiling

In your Signature Assignment, you will apply your profiling skills during an investigation. Imagine that you have been hired by the FBI to work as a profiler. In this assignment, put your skills to the test by developing a PowerPoint presentation that delivers your findings to the FBI agents working on the case. You may […]


Conduct research on Jack the Ripper or Lizzie Borden, and then answer the following questions:     When were the murders committed?    How many victims?    What similarities did the victims have?    What differences did the victims have?    What evidence was collected at the crime scene?    What other evidence was found?  […]

mock suspect report

For this task, imagine that you have a suspect in custody and the opportunity to observe him/her while they are being detained. You are on the other side of the one-way mirror and are able to hear the questions and answers to many of the questions. The FBI agents will not ask all of the […]

mock interview

For this task, imagine that you are assigned to a case of a known pedophile. He/she has been arrested after sexually perpetrating a 6-year-old boy. Develop 15 questions and answers that you would ask the perpetrator that would assist you (and the investigators) in potentially identifying other victims. Your suspect is willing to speak to […]


For this task, you will research and identify one well-known serial killer or rapist that is not discussed in detail in your text. Create a chart that outlines the characteristics of the serial killer and include the following information: personal characteristics, crimes committed, personality traits, relationship to victim, and post-offense behavior. After completing the chart […]

crime scene

For this task, you will submit a detailed description of a fictions crime and focus on the crime scene. Be sure to conduct research to understand crime scenes. For example, if you are planning to profile a serial killer, be sure you have researched crime scenes from serial killers to ensure you are including plausible […]

article summary

you will red the attached two articles and complete a summary of the articles, including the key points of research and learning points. Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts presented in the articles as you critique the research and ethical considerations being presented. Length: 2-3 pages


XPO LOGISTICS ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING In at least 2 pages, describe the     mission of XPO Logistics (e.g., what product or service is provided, to what intended markets, and how the product or service is distinct from those offered by competitors),     who your customers are (internal and external),     what value you add to the […]

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