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Archive for the ‘APA (edition “APA 7”)’ Category

Forum 2 SEM

forum “2” – David Grossman: Individual Language and Mass Language In Grossmans essay Individual Language and Mass Language in Writing in the Dark it is important to think on such citations: And perhaps, then, this is the great question that people living in this age must relentlessly ask themselves: In what state, at which moment, […]

Phl Unit 2 essay

After reading ch. 2 in Justice and then watching Episode 2 at http://www.justiceharvard.org/watch/, answer ONE of the following in a short essay of 250-350 words: 1. When is it morally allowed or permissible to use cost-benefit analysis to put a dollar value on human life? Give some examples. Explain.  When is the above not allowed? […]

Benchmark: Nursing Process

The nursing process is a tool that puts knowledge into practice. By utilizing this systematic problem-solving method, nurses can determine the health care needs of an individual and provide personalized care. Write a paper (1,750-1900 words) on cancer and approach to care based on the utilization of the nursing process. Include the following in your […]

Analysis of Global Health Care

Select one Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) country and answer the following questions: . Does health insurance coverage for the country you selected offer the gold standard of care? Do revenues used to pay for health care come from a single source or many? Is there rationing of healthcare services? If so, how […]


In this course, you will be learning about how to research and different research methods.  Applied research is often used to solve a practical business problem. Several Liberty University resources will be helpful in learning how to do research.  PLEASE REVIEW GRADING RUBRIC BEFORE STARTING. Brainstorm an organizational problem, some ways to research the problem […]

Current Events

DirectionsSelect a current event article related to healthcare policy from a news website, newspaper, or news magazine (such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, The Economist).1-Describe the healthcare policy issue.2-Provide rationale for why you chose the article.3-Provide a brief summary of the article.4-Describe your reaction to the article.5-Cite the reference using APA format.

Amazon Organizational Issues

RESEARCH ABSTRACT ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Students will prepare a one-page (250-300 word) abstract that proposes the organization “Amazon”. The abstract should identify the organization and a brief background of two to three problems that were recognized. If a student is choosing a personal workplace, names may be disguised if desired. During the course, students will research […]

Needs Assessment for Aging Adults

.Based upon a Community Needs Assessment, determine what gaps in service exist in your community. Please contact your instructor if you need assistance in identifying sources of a needs assessment or community plan that outlines such recent research. It is suggested to locate a United Way in your community to begin your research. If no […]

Compact Membership

Discuss how nurses can use their knowledge, perspective, experiences, and skills as communicators to change public policy at all levels of government. What are the most critical questions facing nursing for which policymakers need evidence to inform their decision making (refer to the Nurse Licensure Compact [NLC] compact, APRN Compact, and other required reading this […]

Art Appreciation 5

Write a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for each work of art that includes the question and answer. The Q&A must be filled out completely for Artwork #1-4. Questions could be regarding the media being used, why the work is significant, history of the work/artist, etc. Answers should not be yes or no responses, but […]

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