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Archive for the ‘Chicago / Turabian’ Category

The Message of the Text Essay

Once you have read through the “Message of the Text” handout, compose and submit a two-page essay covering the message of Zepheniah.  You will need to pull from some outside scholarship for this, no fewer than four sources and be sure to use footnote citations.  Please be sure to include a title page as well […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the “Procedure for Historical (Situational) Reconstruction” (especially note the 5 elements which need to be addressed), read the “Sample Reconstruction,” the “Philemon” Handout (by Fee & Stuart) as well as the other “Philemon” Handout (Eerdman’s Handbook of the Bible).” Once these have been read, compose and submit a two-page Reconstruction essay on the book […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You will choose two military conflicts (large or small, declared or undeclared) (from the list attached below as a PDF and should be mentioned in the attached readings as well)  in which the United States has been engaged and answer a series of questions about that conflict. You will make an argument about whether it […]

Drug Patent Protection Legal Mechanism in the EU

It’s just one part of my thesis and the contents of this part are as follows: III. Drug Patent Protection Legal Mechanism in the EU    A. Supplementary Protection Certificate    B. Test Data Protection system    C. Bolar Exemption    D. Temporary Injunction So, the above is just a general structure, when you writing […]

American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016)

Assignment Topic:American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016) Assignment Directions: Discuss the American Imperialism ideology after in Post Civil War America.What affects did imperialism have on:1. The United States politically and economically2. American society as a whole3. Other countries where the United States government intervened to maintain that 4. Nation’s peace […]

the 16th amendment

Find the purpose of the amendment, why the amendment was put into place, important court cases involving the Amendment, any limitations to the right or policy, a current event article that relates to the amendment, why the amendment is still relevant to todays society

Any topic (writer’s choice)

7          Final Assignments-A.    Prepare(write) an Expository SermonYou must have the following:a)Textb)Subjectc)Titled)Propositione)Objective  B. Write a two-page reflection on the following question: Why should preachers be able to prepare sermons employing every type of homiletical structure? I WOULD LIKEFOR THE SERMON TO BE ON BLACKCLERGY WOMEN DISCRIMINATED IN MINISTRY.8

Hoo Bee land

Please provide all the calculations needed for the essay.1. Please paraphrase everything2.Need referencing and in-text reference3. There is no right or wrong answer to this to please make sure to specify all the answer 4. Please refer to the company annual report for more information, to be able to answer the calculation needed.5. the company […]


Read the following chapters, (On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons):    Ch. 10, Classification of Homiletical Structure    Ch. 11, Classification of Subject    Ch. 12, Classification of Pattern     Assignments:1)    Write a reflection paper, 2-3 pages, Ch.10, Classification of Homiletical Structure.  Focus on the following:  the textual sermon, the topical sermon, the textual-topical sermon, and the […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the following chapters, (On Preparation and Delivery of Sermons) :    Ch.1, Christian Preaching    Ch.2, Homiletics    Ch.3, The Preacher    Ch.4, Gods Message Assignments:1)    Write a reflection paper, 1-3 pages, on Ch.1, Christian Preaching.  Focus on the following:  Nature of preaching, Central place of preaching, competition to preaching, and necessity for effective preaching.2)    Write a reflection […]

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