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Archive for the ‘Chicago / Turabian’ Category

Pedagogy and “The Mission” Reflection Paper

Please read the book listed below and Watch the following movie link attached. Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed (New York: Continuum, 2007) The Mission  https://youtu.be/0cs6Dd6bQVE Reflection Papers: Required Reading and Film (papers are 2- pages max. This paper and movie will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your grasp of the central focus and […]

Lead 510: Discussion Thread: O.T. Leaders

Discussion Topic: To which of the 11 character studies from this week’s Howell readings (OT Leaders) do you relate most in regard to your own leadership path? How do you most imitate the character, and what do you want to add to your life to emulate this person? The student will post one thread of […]

The Underdogs: A Novel of the Mexican Revolution

For this short (4 page) reflection essay, you will do a primary source analysis of Mariano Azuelas The Underdogs. For Sections 2 and 3, you may use one or two secondary sources for background information. Acceptable sources include course materials, peer-reviewed articles from JSTOR, and encyclopedia articles from the online Encyclopedia Britannica. Section 4 must […]


Select one of the following three questions and respond in an essay of 750-1000 words. You must include references to the course readings. If needed, you may also refer to other appropriate college level sources. Always remember to include citations and attach a works cited page.  We all know the horrors that came out of […]

discussion 10

– Eric Avila, Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight (Chapter 2 Chapter 3) read the chapters and then answer the questions i will provide articale to compare the chpaters with it n. I expect you to refer directly to the textand to cite the works correctly so you master citation and footnotes. You […]

Research Journal #7: Analyzing Sources

Use the Annotated Bibliography paper you wrote and complete the two work sheets. Use sources from the paper and analysis them with the worksheets Due 19th of march Part I: Primary Source Analysis Pulling from the list of sources you have compiled during your research, choose one primary document you believe applies most to your […]

Just War and Virtue Ethics

MUST USE CHICAGO FOOTNOTING STYLE 16th EDITION Use the perspective of Virtue Ethics, and place the controversy of a ‘just war’ and create a thesis based around this. In so doing, critically develop a philosophical thesis on that moral issue from the perspective of your chosen ethical theory, also relating to christian context. Please include […]

Womens Rights Movement Begins

Find 3 primary and 3 secondary sources that pertain to your research topic. The Topic is the Woman Suffrage movement. Below each citation, write a short paragraph (100 words) for each source you find, summarizing the content and explaining how this source will be useful in your paper. must be in Chicago style citations I […]

Nutrition Discussion Prompt

What is your favorite food and what NOVA processing category does it fall under? AND Why is this food your favorite?From your research what was the most interesting fact you learned?We know processed foods are easy to prepare and convenient which is why many American’s include them in their diet. What are other challenges American’s […]

New 3 Page Paper Latin American

write an essay on ANY SUBJECT between 1820 and 1940s, that means, between the Monroe Doctrine and the Good Neighbor Policy. It does not have to be the Monroe Doctrine or the Good Neighbor Policy specifically, but instead any subject, theme, topic, event, process, or development that took place between those too, including them if […]

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