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Archive for the ‘High school’ Category

Teenage Pregnancy pregnancy

Please write the argumentative of this.Thank you. Think back to your teenage years, or for those of you, who are teenagers, think about your life as it is now. This is a time where school occupies a majority of your time and you spend a good amount of your free time out with friends. Your […]

the American Dream

You will read the three works (Whitman, Hughes, and Oates) and watch the two videos. Identify how each artist interprets the American Dream using language, tone, symbolism, music, and word choice. Discuss and analyze the notion of the American dream in these works. You must use details and quotes from the sources given and format […]

American author of your choice.

After doing research, write an outline for a paper about an American author of your choice. Remember to organize your outline according to the degree of importance that each idea holds. From that outline, write an essay of at least 500 words. Remember to check your essay for errors. Include your outline above the actual […]

Chris McCandless

Introduction: Hook sentence to grab the readers attention Background knowledge about Chris McCandless Thesis statement: Chris McCandless was a courageous and inspiring young traveler.Or Chris McCandless was an ignorant and selfish young man.1st body paragraph: Ralph Waldo Emerson: How did Chris follow the philosophies of Ralph WaldoEmerson? You must include two quotes from either Self […]

Stress from school

Instructions: Topic, Stress from school You must have a work cited page in your essay or presentation slideshow Your job is to choose a topic and report your findings back to the class in a presentation with a visual. You need to write your script on each slide so when somebody reads your slide, the […]

Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

Your essay should follow this outline: Introduction: Hook Background information Thesis Argument Development: 3 claims each claim has 3 supporting evidences Refuting Opponents’ Arguments 2 opposing arguments with supporting evidence 4 claims refuting the arguments with supporting evidence Conclusion Should have seven paragraphs

how to kill a mockingbird

1. One of the novel’s key themes is the difference between rumor and fact. Look at the passages in the first chapter in which Scout describes what she knows about Boo Radley. Which statements seem to be fact and which seem to be fiction? And do you think the child (Scout is six years old […]

the Great Gatsby

In a well written and detailed 300 word opinion statement, WHO WAS MOST TO BLAME for the death and destruction caused in Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby. Be sure to include all characters in your explanation. Who is MOST responsible for the deaths of Gatsby, Wilson, and Myrtle Wilson as well as the fractured relationship of […]

1984 Short Writing Assignment

Answer the following question by creating a New Google Doc and typing your response there. When completed, be sure to turn in. Question: . In “1984,” George Orwell presents a stable, but deeply flawed society. Throughout the novel, heintends for his audience to resist the philosophies and actions of Oceania and Big Brother. Writetwo positions […]

Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate historical evidence. Addresses all parts of the question. Makes direct, relevant comparisons. Analyzes relevant reasons for similarities and differences. 1.In the period circa 1750 to 1900,

Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate historical evidence.Addresses all parts of the question.Makes direct, relevant comparisons.Analyzes relevant reasons for similarities and differences.1.    In the period circa 1750 to 1900, revolutions occurred in many parts of the world.Develop an argument that evaluates the extent to which revolutions led to cultural or social […]

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