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Archive for the ‘MLA’ Category

Picassos Guernica

This week you are asked to consider Pablo Picasso’s painting Guernica. Give three reasons why you do or do not believe this painting has been a successful form of public political protest. You may consider questions like “Would I even call this a protest? What was its original purpose? What has it achieved over the […]


Read the article Is Education Losing Its Value? (You may refer to the anonymous author simply as the author.) Then write an essay of evaluation, according to the following guidelines: Explain its central argument about the value of education, along with the main supporting ideas. Then evaluate the effectiveness of the article. Do you find […]

Personal Essay

Personal Essay with thesis supported by narrative anecdotes in the body paragraphs Write a personal essay (use first person) about a subject that you feel strongly about but that you have personal experience with. (Include at least three narrative anecdotes in three separate body paragraphs that would illustrate your thesis or controlling idea.) Use the […]

U.S. political system

Reflect upon the topics we have covered this semester. Based on what you know about institutions (constitution, federalism, legislature, executive, and judiciary) and processes (public opinion, media, interest groups, political parties, campaigns, and elections), assess in what ways the U.S. political system is democratic and in what ways it is less than fully democratic?  Consider […]

Final Essay

Address the following questions in a reflection paper.  Be certain to address all of the questions to receive credit. 1. From what you learned this semester about the history, principles and problems of American Government, what did you find most interesting and why? 2. What do you think about the ideas and issues that we […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Question 2: The U.S. Constitution has 27 Amendments. The first ten amendments, called the Bill of Rights, were added in 1791 to address issues noted by the Anti-federalists. Later amendments were added to address concerns that arose in subsequent years. Please select a) one of the Bill of Rights Amendments AND b) one of Amendments […]

American Government has three branches

Question 1: The American Government has three branches.  Many note that the legislative branch (Congress) was given the most powers in the U.S Constitution and was designed to be closest to the people.  In addition, the Executive branch, headed by the President, has increased its power during the last century; many argue beyond what the […]

Identifications — Deep Survival

You will write two separate identifications,  at least 2-3 paragraphs each, about one-to-two full pages, double-spaced, demonstrating your knowledge and thoughtfulness, using full and supported paragraphs. In order to earn the highest/most credit, aim at fullness and clarity; your identifications should connect the item with the arguments and/or information and/or context as appropriate to demonstrate […]

the pedagogy of the oppressed

Word cited Here is a start to the essay: When reading The Pedagogy of the Oppressed the focus for me and what im getting from it is Education and understanding Freire’s theory on it. Freire views eucation differently than most teachers. In a traditional classroom they are set up with the teacher lecturing and the […]

The Mt. Hood Accident.

You will be writing on Laurence Gonzales’ Deep Survival in a way that will combine the focused and the comprehensive. This is not a research paper; it is an analytical essay-examination.Topic One: The Mt. Hood Accident.Laurence Gonzales devotes two chapters to his treatment of the Mt. Hood climbersChapters 6 and 7which raises the questions: What […]

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