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Archive for the ‘Not applicable’ Category

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Hi please condense the response of prompt 1 and prompt 2 to about 1000 words. 500 words MAX for each prompt. For prompt 1, use a few sentences to describe the ideological, philosophical, or political content in all of the resources overall. For prompt 2, use comparison to distinguish 2 or more different resources. (i.e. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

2-3 sentences in which you try to summarize the authors main point(s), and perhaps thinking aboutkey words or concepts that you noticed Your reaction to the reading, which could include what surprised you, what confused you, what youdisagreed with, what was left out. Perhaps some comparative comments: comparing what you read to what you know […]

Any topic

Supreme Court justices are elected for life and that some states follow the same procedure. How should judges be selected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the federal appointment process? What are the pros and cons of judges being electing by the people? What are the benefits of the mixture of both selection processes? […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The 1950s are commonly referred to as the Affluent Era.  Government spending during WWII catapulted the national economy out of the Great Depression.  Post-war industrial production of consumer goods greatly increased, and the new Suburbian culture took form. In no less than 250 words, describe and discuss whether the 1950’s was a time of great […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1 page of the rough draft about the article: “Trump says hell cancel Obamas unconstitutional executive actions. Its not that easy” in Washington Post. The link for the article is attached. I will have to connect you again for a final submission later.

Publish a petition on Change.org

Publish a petition on Change.org.Tips:      * Contextualize the problem. Background information will be needed, so make sure to provide it (i.e. who, what, when, where). Be very specific.*– -The petition must have a specific recipient, so do your research prior to publishing your it. Ask yourself: who can help you with your request?* […]

Crime and Deviance

Please compose a reflective discussion piece on the prompt below for anywhere between 250-300 words. If I would argue that George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are victims of police (as a social institution) brutality, a form of everyday deviance, what would be my sociological argument? Important: Please DO NOT share your personal comments. Rather include […]

Religious Discrimination

The assignment will include either an analysis of a short case scenario, answering a question based on the reading for that week, or an analysis of an assigned case study. Submissions should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course material being covered that week. This is the main point of the chapters this week: The […]

Reading Summary

IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!!  DO NOT USE CITATIONS!! What is the main objective of the research? Why were butterflies used as a model organism to study potential phenological changes in this study? Why was it important to study both the northern (cooler) and southern (warmer) ranges for the butterflies in this research? Did the authors […]

explain the significance of freedom and independence

Freedom or Independence Essay: write a FIVE paragraph essay where you explain the significance of freedom and independence. You must CLARIFY the difference between the two and use “ALL” FOUR sources to explain WHICH of the THREE groups involved in our reading required either freedom or independence. Your informative essay needs to address white male […]

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