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Archive for the ‘Not applicable’ Category

RE: Week 4 Discussion(Future Work)

You did a great job reflecting on your goals, strengths, and areas in which you’d like to grow. You did not describe your accomplishments. To do well here, you need to talk about your accomplishments and also write about them in story form using the elements of challenge, action, result, and details. This will be […]

application journal

This is a way to apply what you are learning to a team that you currently lead, or to which you belong. This should be no more than 2 double spaced pages each time and should cover one or two concepts that are contained in the reading for the session, discuss how you see it […]

RE: Week 6 Discussion(Global Management)

Please respond to the following: What are the objectives of a good mentoring system for international assignees? What mentoring activities support these objectives? What are the characteristics of a good mentor?Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates posts. Please no citations or references. Only one paragraph with a question at the […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Discuss present-day environmental problems and identify their roots in Chinas environmental history. find a news article about a present-day (post-2016) environmental issue in China that is related to the topic of the lectures, films, and required readings for that week. Write a short paragraph explaining how the article is connected to that weeks them. To […]

M3.4 Reflect and Ask Questions

M3.4 Reflect and Ask QuestionsReflect & Ask Questions Evolve In Module 3 you grappled with the concepts of critical thinking and argumentative reasoning for today and tomorrow. You examined the standard-bearer for scholarly thoughtthe peer-reviewed journal articleand considered what it can tell us and how it differs from other kinds of sources. In Module 4, […]

M3.3 Course Project – Milestone 3

M3.3 Course Project – Milestone 3 Evaluate Thesis Statement Draft and Source EvaluationIn Modules 1 and 2 you chose a final project topic and narrowed your focus through the process of brainstorming and finding preliminary sources. Make sure you are reading your instructors feedback each week and making improvements before submitting the next Milestone. For […]

M4.2 Discussion: From a Post-Truth World to a Pro-Truth World

M4.2 Discussion: From a Post-Truth World to a Pro-Truth World Engage Today, the prevalence of social media, the rise of algorithms, filter bubbles, bots, and international hacking efforts have brought the issue of fake news to the forefront of our national and international consciousness.  As you read in the webtext this week, the spread of […]

Introductory Speech Outline

Select either Topic A or Topic B for your introductory speech.Topic A: Elevator Pitch. Deliver an elevator pitch that describes your professional background and experience for a potential employer during a job interview.Topic B: Dream Career. Discuss your dream career.Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word.Download the Sample Outline [DOCX], which provides guidance […]

Analyze a movie scene

Analyze one scene in God Father 1Pick one of your favorite movies (or tv show/short film), something you’ve seen before and know well. Pick a scene from the film, the most important/pivotal scene, or perhaps just your favorite one, or the most memorable. Analyze it using the terms of story structure as discussed in class. […]

Is it Tech Comm?

Read chapter 1 in Markel’s Technical Communication, 11e Overview You may have heard the terms “business writing,” “technical writing,” and “professional writing.” These types of writing fall under the domain of technical communication, which is the subject of this course. This activity, “Is it tech comm?” familiarizes you with the concepts and forms of technical […]

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