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Archive for the ‘Strayer Writing Standards’ Category

Workplace Ehics

Workplace EthicsThis assignment will give you the opportunity to choose an article and then write about the ethical implications and the impact of the events that are described. Read and reflect on one of the following articles. Oil Industry- https://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/11/nyregion/11-indictments-detail-widespread-fraud-in-heating-oil-industry-of-new-york-city.html?&moduleDetail=section-news-4&action=click&contentCollection=N.Y.%20%2F%20Region&region=Footer&module=MoreInSection&version=WhatsNext&contentID=WhatsNext&pgtype=article&_r=0 Toy Maker: https://www.vice.com/en/article/xygg9w/vtech-hacker-explains-why-he-hacked-the-toy-company Write a paper in which you: 1. Analyze the following questions associated […]

Competencies For Risk Managers

The is assignment is 3-4 pages in which i have to create a risk matrix and discuss 3 skills that team members need in order to be effective in identifying and managing risks.  There are Mini cases that have to be read to complete this assignment. Attached are the mini cases that are required to […]

Competencies For Risk Managers

The is assignment is 3-4 pages in which i have to discuss the challenges of Risk Managers and the skills needed to be a Risk manager. There are Mini cases that have to be read to complete this assignment. Attached are the mini cases that are required to be read, the details of the assignment, […]

Improving Correctional Facilities

Assignment 2: Improving Corrections Facilities Due Week 6 and worth 200 points Go to the Department of Corrections website for your state, and research two of your states correctional facilities. Next, use the Internet and Strayer University Online Library (https://research.strayer.edu) to research the budgetary constraints that correctional officials must adhere to in order to operate […]

In this sppech i chose to speak about architectral design.

this assignment is an outline that will be used to deliver a 1 to 2 minute speech . The topic that i chose to use for this assignment is highlighted in bold red. I’ve attached the assignment details, the outline template and a copy of strayer writing standards.

Analysis on the Effects of Population Growth

OverviewImagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis on how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects a developing country of your choosing: A growing global population that consumes natural resources is partially to blame for the release […]

Creating a Culture of Innovation and Creativity

Creativity and innovation are essential to an organization’s success, and both should be infused into every aspect of a business. Companies with creative and innovative employees keep up with industry changes and have a competitive advantage. Human resources (HR) can foster a creative culture. For this assignment, assume the role of HR manager. The HR […]

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee Rewards and Recognition As an HR manager in a large healthcare organization, you have developed a new reward and recognition program designed to help increase employee motivation and job satisfaction in a specific hospital department of your choice. You may choose a clinical or nonclinical department. Based on the course readings and a minimum […]

Complementary Partners

Imagine you are working with a partner to plan and host a workshop on leadership. There will be 100 people attending. Within this assignment you will be creating a document that discusses the main components of leadership and corporate culture. Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you: Address a key leadership […]

Economic Brief

Industry Selection Use this resource to select an industry and learn about the products and services it provides: NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Select the number next to the industry to see its subsectors, e.g., select 52 to see Finance and Insurance.Select that same number again to read about the industry as a whole […]

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