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Archive for the ‘Undergraduate’ Category

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This reflective journal includes a summary of your key learnings from each module throughout the semester.  A template for this assignment is included in Canvas.  This assignment should be submitted using the template provided in Canvas, but saved in a pdf (only accepted in pdf form) and uploaded in Canvas.

Dr. Martin Luther king’s Speech “The Other America”

In the second half of the 20th century, racial tensions rose in the United States as African Americans began to challenge unjust laws that supported discrimination and segregation. This movement found its leader in the patient and inspiring minister, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Explore how Kings deep-seated commitment to nonviolence contributed to the expansion […]

Preservation and Restoration

Many feel that architecture, art, and design elements should decay naturally. Others feel that all efforts should be made to preserve and restore artworks and buildings of significant historical value. What do you think? Should we go to all lengths to clean, restore and/or maintain a piece of cultural history or should we let the […]

Compare and Contrast

The spread of the Renaissance to Europe and England is further highlighted by an increase of national pride resulting regional interpretations and differences in the stylistic development of furniture items and interiors.  Select a furniture type: chair, table, bed, etc. and choose one French, one Spanish and one English example for which to conduct additional […]

Airport Security pre & post 9/11

Minot International Airport, located in Minot, North Dakota has recently been approved for a terminal expansion due to increased annual enplanements.  You will assume the role of an Aviation Security Consultant. Your job is to review all of the available provided information about Minot International Airport. You will complete a security assessment report that includes […]

SWOT Analysis

Select a public air carrier. Look up their Annual Report (also called Form 10-K filing).  Using this information, you will perform a SWOT analysis of your selected company.  A SWOT analysis includes an in-depth analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses, based on the characteristics of the company.  This may include business model, cost structure, route […]


1) Read the article by Jean Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism (2) Watch the video Paper: (1) after reading Existentialism is a Humanism formulate a thesis about the text that addresses one of the major philosophical themes, such as the idea that human beings are entirely free, existence precedes essence, and bad faith. For […]

How does the amount of time spent playing violent video games affect aggressive behavior in children?

Your research paper is the culminating critical exploration of your research question. Remember: inquiry + research = knowledge! (Badkes Chapter 1 reading, model for research on p. 26) In your paper you will: Introduce your research topic and questionSummarize and synthesize your sourcesAnalyze your sources in light of your research questionPresent your conclusions, findings, or […]

American Political System

One page paper on the topic of war in Afghanistan and if we agree or disagree with President Trump’s strategy in conducting the war and state their reasons for their position. I uploaded the directions to this paper. There are 5 major bullet points that need to be answered in order to complete the paper. […]

collect the data from 2007 to 2010 of current and future government spending(G OR G’) of the USA and then collect data of endogenous variables(Y;I;N;C)

get datas in an excel sheets.we are asked to collect datas and description of exogenous(G and G’) in one spreadsheet and in an other spreadsheet endogenous variables(I;C;N;Y) of the USA.the time period is from: 2007-2010 of the financial recession.The format of the data (i.e. level, growth rate, index) must be chosen in such a way […]

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