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Archive for the ‘Undergraduate’ Category

Please refer to the instructions box.

By reading the “ECA References” enclosed in the attachment, respond to 2 questions. Please limit each answer to 250 words. You may answer in either English or Chinese. 1. Please choose ONE service/contribution above that is most significant to you and explain why. (250words) 2. Design a one-month local service project related to the 17 […]

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

I need an article critique. The article must be chosen from Google scholar relating to my topic. The first paragraph needs to be research on the topic, problem, and any questions. The second paragraph will need to be review of the literature. The 3rd, the methods used, the 4th paragraph needs to be results and […]

Homework: FASB

FASB ASC 9-2 Several FASB statements dealt with the topic of asset impairments. List the FASB statements that dealt with asset impairments and summarize them. Several EITF documents provide additional guidance on implementing the FASB standards. 1. List the implementation issues discussed in the EITF releases. FASB ASC 10-5 The FASB ASC contains guidance on […]

Homework: Case

Instruction: Baker Company needs $1 million to expand its existing plant. Baker management is considering the following two alternative forms of financing:     1. At the beginning of 2020, issue $1 million of convertible, 10-year, 10% bonds. Each $1000 bond can be converted into 20 shares of Baker $10 par value common stock. The […]

Homework: Case

Instruction: Case10-2 Poole Company purchases 5,000 shares of preferred stock issued by Ernst Company, a private manufacturer of specialized equipment, for $200,000. Poole Company has concluded that its investment meets the definition of an equity security. The preferred stock does not have a readily determinable fair value and does not qualify for the practical exception […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Complete this activity by doing the required activity and posting your thoughts in a new thread and then respond to another student’s post by explaining why you find their article to be strong or weak evidence for climate change. Find 1 news article from a reputable* news source discussing evidence of global climate change. The […]

The Importance Of Information Security For Small Business

    Term Paper Instructions     Pick a subject related to Information Security.     The subject should not be just a history lesson. You can analyze the offerings of a current technology, or review best practices in a certain industry segment or application. The material covered should not be a general subject that is taught in […]

Renal / Urology

1. Locate a current (medical or scientific) news or journal article based on one of the topics listed below:     Urinary Tract Infection, (Chapter 30, p. 753)    Bladder Disorders, (Chapter 31, p. 774)    Glomerular Disorders, (Chapter 30, p. 755)    Glomerulonephritis, (Chapter 31, p. 772)    Acute Kidney Injury, (Chapter 30, p. […]

Marketing Plan Final Project – Telecommunications Services

A Fictitious Company (Services) named M-Mobile discussions, research, and cataloging of content for the sections of your Marketing Plan as outlined below:    1.    Cover Page  2.    Table of Contents  3.    Executive Summary  4.    Current Marketing Situation  5.    SWOT Analysis  6.    Objectives & Issues  7.    Marketing Strategy  8.    Action Programs  9.    Budgets  10.    Controls  11.    […]

“IT TRAINING” for all employees to avoid a Phishing attack

***Avoid plagiarismI need a script for speech >10-minutes along with >12 slides of PowerPoint. New product or process: “IT TRAINING” for all employees to avoid a Phishing attack. Scenario:  You have been asked to speak to a group of companywide technicians who will be using your product or process in the coming months.  Some of […]

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